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Previously On BTS - Finale, Charts, Drones, and ... Gamers?

The week gave us news and information about BTS from some of the most exciting places. Let’s recap.

Shine, Dream, Smile

As “Mikrokosmos," the last song of the BTS Love Yourself Speak Tour started, BTS members all turned to the sky for the show above. After performing the final three Love Yourself - Speak Yourself shows, BTS and ARMY were treated to a beautiful drone show. Three hundred drones created a beautiful experience with light, designs and patterns that told a story of a world for BTS and ARMY only. The performance in the sky engulfed the Jamsil Olympic stadium with emotions as the symbolism of the moment summed up the Love Yourself Tour of the past few years. BTS went around the world and created a space for them and us in each show. A world unto our own for us to exist in with happiness. As the drone show and the fireworks ended and tears continued to stream, BTS reminded us that although this is the end of one chapter, it is also just the beginning of a new one. This left ARMY with the knowledge that they will be back.

Love Yourself Second Anniversary

As the Love Yourself tour ended, BTS, UNICEF and ARMY all took time to celebrate the second anniversary of the UNICEF and BTS Love Yourself - End Violence Campaign. UNICEF Korea hosted the event and invited ARMYs to visit their booths in the Jamsil Stadium and at the Lotte World Tower World Park grass. To honor the moment, Lotte World Park was lit up in blue and purple to represent the UNICEF and BTS colors, while the N Tower in Seoul was lit in purple. This anniversary event lasted from the 26th - 29th of October 2019. Also, BTS released a video of congratulations and thanks for the anniversary.

BTS Olympics

As BTS ended their Love Yourself Speak Yourself concert on October 29, 2019, they officially became the only act in South Korea to sell out the Jasmil Stadium. With a capacity of nearly 70,000 people, BTS sold out all five of their Love Yourself - Speak Yourself shows and became the first domestic act in South Korea to have a drone show. The show used 300 drones to create a galaxy for BTS and ARMY in the sky.

Chart Climber

With the release of their new single Make It Right featuring Lauv, BTS gained a new single on Billboard 100. While their album Map Of The Soul--Persona re-entered the Billboard 200 chart. The Make It Right original single re-entered the Billboard 100 and the remix continues to rise in numbers on US, UK and Global Streams on Spotify. On Friday, ARMYs saw BTS release an EDM version of Make It Right which promptly jumped up the charts and currently sits at 23 and counting No. 1's on the Apple iTunes Chart. As ARMYs continue to purchase and stream all the Make It Right singles, we see the steady climb of BTS’s music and Map of the soul -Persona on the charts.

Everybody Loves JK

With a clip no longer than 20 seconds, Jungkook shook the gaming community to its core. Pro-gamers and pro-gaming organizations from near, far and wide all reacted to the level of skill that our “golden maknae” showed in his video. Actual offers to join professional teams and play with pro-gamers can be found scattered under his tweet and across Twitter. With just those 10 seconds showing Jungkook’s skill, precision and execution while playing the game Overwatch, it is no wonder over 25 pro-gamers, pro-gaming news outlets and pro-gaming organizations reacted so strongly.

BTS Dolls Impact

Mattel released the news about their quarterly business returns in October. The company revealed that the official BTS dolls launched earlier this year impacted the growth of the global company revenue by 10%, which is USD$721.7 million return. This news surprised forecasters of the stock market as their market value was expected to fall this quarter. However, the partnership between BTS and Mattel allowed for 5% growth sales worldwide instead.

Year-End Events and Awards

This week MAMA and KBS both confirmed that BTS will be at their events respectively. MAMA first reported that BTS will be performing December 4th at the Nagoya Award show. While KBS confirmed BTS's appearance at KBS Gayo Daechukje show on December 27th.

Industry Favorites

In a recent survey done by JoyNews of 200 South Korean insiders, experts, staff etc, BTS was named the No.1 best singers in the industry by 143 persons and best K-POP brand by 183 persons. While another survey listed BTS at the top of the “Power People 2019” list with 74 votes.

Bangtan Halloween

Although there was not a Halloween based dance practice, BTS did give us some Spooky Halloween TIK TOK videos in subunits of Jungkook and J-Hope, Jimin and Tae, and Jin, Suga and RM. Are we at ARMY MAGAZINE reaching for straws when we think comeback units?

YouTube Streams

BTS gathered the most global streams for October with a total of 102 million streams with the week ending October 31st. Additionally, at the writing of this article, Boy With Luv broke 600 million views on Youtube.

All in all the week of October 28th - November 3rd was a very entertaining, informative and exciting week in the BTS world.

Watching the gaming community fawn over Jungkook we must admit was our favorite part of the week. We giggled and it made us proud of our makane!

Share with us in the comments below your favorite part of the week. What did we miss?

Written by: Lee

Edited by: Jessenia

Design by: Achan

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Great blog as usual ARMY Mag! Thank you for doing these!


An amazing blog as usual!! The drones were my favourite part of the week, with our maknae's skills being recognized as a close second 😂 Thank you for keeping us updated! Purple you 💜💜

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