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Previously on BTS: FESTA Festivities and Celebrations All Round! June 5 - 11

Who's ready to get more FESTA festive? Last week was chock-full of FESTA content and this week was no different! BTS not only captured our hearts with sweet awards and comforting lyrics, but also put our ARMY dedication to the test. Let's go!


The week started off with the “Mission! BTS 4 Cuts” video, in which the boys drew their own storyboards and replicated the poses in a photoshoot. It was fun to see how passionately they recreated the poses and completed the mission. Next up, RM’s Bicycle was released on YouTube and Soundcloud. The song gave us all mono. vibes, with its happy-sad lyrics and chill beats. Bicycle was accompanied by a heartfelt letter from RM, who explained his thought process behind the song. He wrote about how he always wanted to write a song based on bicycles and used FESTA as an excuse to do so. RM hoped that this song brought us comfort and became our very own bicycle song. Our leader just keeps on giving!

On June 8, the BTS Photo Collection 20/21 dropped. It was full of fond memories for both BTS and ARMY, as it featured adorable group photos from their performances and iconic photoshoots. The FESTA ARMY Profile came next, filled with sweet and heartwarming responses – from the members themselves – about what ARMY means to BTS.

Then, on June 10, ARMY was suddenly put to the test with the 2021 FESTA Exam, to see how well we know BTS and their history. The exam included an interesting range of questions, from keywords in the “Tae-Tae language” and Jin's shoulder width to Jungkook's art and the concert in which V created the “borahae” phrase. It was fair to say that many ARMYs struggled to answer some of the questions, but it came as a surprise to find that even BTS themselves struggled too, in a Bangtan Bomb, in which the members took the exam one by one. It was amusing to watch how they approached the questions, especially Jin, who searched up the answers on his Galaxy tab and then requested that none of the members could use the tablet. We expected nothing less from our king of comedy!

The FESTA week rounded up with “BTS Room Live,” a sweet live performance, where BTS sang a compilation of their songs, from 2 COOL 4 SKOOL to BE. The bubbly and vibrant performance brought smiles and waves of nostalgia to ARMY.

But Wait, There’s More!

As if FESTA wasn’t enough, BTS still wasn’t done with ARMY! Earlier in the week, they released a short documentary with Hyundai about clean energy and hydrogen power, and the second of three BTS x McDonald's Lunch Party videos dropped. As Butter topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a second week in a row, the celebrations resumed! V, j-hope, and RM all posted on Weverse to thank ARMY, and SUGA even posted a cute thank-you selca on Twitter.

Also, Butter passed 329 million views on YouTube, and BTS topped the Gaon Social Chart for 12 weeks! This made them the artist with the most weeks at #1 on that chart in 2021. To wrap up the celebrations, a short behind-the-scenes video was tweeted, where BTS filmed the beloved ARMY pose in the Butter MV.

That's the week in a nutshell! Like every year, FESTA is the perfect time to reminisce and appreciate the sweet moments that brought BTS and ARMY together. With the final BTS x McDonald's Lunch Party, BTS' eighth anniversary, Muster SOWOOZOO and more FESTA content approaching, ARMY has many more special moments to look forward to! What was your favorite FESTA moment? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by: Allison

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: Rei

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