Depending on where in the world ARMY live, they either received the tracklist by the end of their week or at the beginning of a new one. Whatever! It was huge, and exciting. But this was only an appetizer for the feast to come… BTS is back. For real. How are you feeling, ARMY?


Soon after the tracklist’s release, Troye Sivan revealed that he co-wrote “Louder Than Bombs”. By the time you read this, you have probably already listened to this beautiful song (are those tears, on my cheeks?).


February 18 started with J-Hope’s birthday broadcast on V Live. His special day (please read our dedicated blog on J-Hope’s birthday here) was full of messages, the first one coming from SUGA (unlike last year, when he missed the party because he was sleeping). Big Hit and Weverse also gifted ARMY and the Birthday Boy, with a nice video and a cute layout.

In the meantime, BTS’ Map Of The Soul: 7 exceeded 4,02 million pre-orders and Big Hit confirmed a press conference in Seoul for MOTS:7, on February 24. On top of that, James Corden announced the much-anticipated Carpool Karaoke with BTS to be aired on February 25.

Samsung also mentioned their partnership with BTS, beginning with some augmented reality service for Galaxy users visiting Connect, BTS exhibitions.

Let’s also point out that BT21 Mang’s story was released on YouTube, completing the series of the characters’ introductory animations. ARMY were also happy to find out that the boys now have their own Giphy Channel.

On Thursday morning, BTS took off for New York to attend TODAY’s live interview and other promotional events. This gave ARMY a chance to admire their gorgeous airport fashion.


Twelve hours before their official comeback, BTS released 30 seconds of their title track “ON”, on TikTok. 30 seconds is also the time it took ARMY to crash the app.

Meanwhile, RM did his best to calm down ARMY’s excitement (probably along with their own stress), by posting about him Namjooning and the Connect, BTS exhibition in NYC. Did it work, ARMY?

That same night, BTS’ V Live comeback special broadcast from New York, was watched by more than 12.7M ARMYs. The boys mentioned their favorite track from the album, wrote resolutions, and placed them in a little bottle to be opened later. They also made 7-word acrostic poems (Jungkook, how dare you throw out there “Let me hug you once” like that?) and refrained from giving spoilers despite dying to do so.


Kicking off the Comeback Day inspired by Jungkook’s pre-chorus in “ON”, ARMY took over Twitter, Spotify, Apple Music, Melon, Genie, Soribada, (do we need to go on?) to propel MOTS:7 at the very top of each and every chart.

ARMY also streamed hard for ON Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima,” reaching 4M likes and about 27M views in the first 12 hours on YouTube. This video is nothing but talent, energy, and hard work, with strong visual features reminding us of the MV for “Not Today. The members, all in black and white sexy outfits, show their extreme precision in dance moves, and the lyrics are as powerful as the MV.

A few hours later, New Yorkers had a chance to greet BTS in person during TODAY’s live show on NBC at Rockefeller Plaza. The seven frozen, yet classy and handsome members, talked about the meaning of MOTS:7 and interacted with ARMY.

BTS went on with an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 - Apple Music, before making their way to MTV’s “Fresh Out.” Jungkook opened up about “ON” not being the title originally chosen for the song, and V declared BTS to be incomplete without ARMY (these wet cheeks, I swear!). They also stepped in iHeart Radio as DJs, and discussed the creative process of their new album with the Recording Academy (aka those in charge of the Grammys).

February 21 was also the day that Hyundai (smartly) picked to release a campaign based on sustainable hydrogen energy, teaming up with BTS. ARMY, please check out BTS’ messages inspired by nature on Hyundai’s website.


Big Hit has never been very fond of letting ARMY recover/breathe. Thus, it didn’t take much time for them to drop new content. First, came the full of wisdom “ONCommentary Film: Dialogue showing the recording process of BTS’ albums in collaboration with American musicians. Then, a Bangtan Bomb focused on the boys while shooting “ON Kinetic Manifesto Film” was released.

On record, BTS has reached 8,4 billion streams on Spotify, Love Yourself: Answer went up 10 spots in a week on Billboard 200, and “Boy With Luv” Official MV has become BTS’ 2nd music video to hit 700M views on YouTube.

Last, but not least, MOTS:7 has topped iTunes charts around the world in 91 countries on its first day.

This is only the beginning, ARMY. Next week will be hectic again starting with Jimmy Fallon’s show on NBC on February 24, at 11:35 p.m. (EST). Make sure to stay tuned and listen to BTS’ MOTS:7 as much as needed. Healing takes time, but with BTS, this experience will never stop being extremely smart, soothing, and life-changing.

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