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I’m like a camel. Horses run fast but get exhausted quickly. But a camel moves consistently.” - SUGA’s words from BTS’ newest docu-series, “BREAK THE SILENCE”.

Jumping right into this week’s Previously on Bangtan, let's start with the “BREAK THE SILENCE: docu-series”!


On May 12, “BREAK THE SILENCEepisodes 1 and 2 were published on Weverse. Totaling in 7 episodes and airing every Tuesday and Thursday from May 12 to 28, the documentary takes ARMY and viewers along BTS’ journey of 2018 and 2019. The documentary starts out with interviews of the members and the 2018 MAMA awards, where j-hope, V, and Jin shed tears during their award acceptance speech. If you haven’t purchased it yet, you can find it on Weverse Shop for $19.99.

Because of this, Run BTS! has been postponed for the month of May, but rest assured that this documentary will bring new light to BTS and lead into June, which is FESTA season!


This week on Twitter, Jimin, RM, Jin, and SUGA posted. Jimin shared a selca wishing good health for ARMY. A member that fans assumed to be RM posted a picture of flowers that bloomed due to the rain and was also curious about what ARMY had been up to. A wrap-up tweet of a new session of #0613FM_0509 featured DJ SUGA HONEY and his guest, Jin! On May 10 and 12, SUGA and Jin shared selcas, encouraging ARMY to rest up well and enjoy their time, respectively.

Our sunshine, j-hope, went to VLive on Thursday, May 14 with arts and crafts! He began making bracelets for his six band members. Considering the length of the live, he only accomplished making Jimin, SUGA and RM’s bracelets. J-hope mentioned that he will try to do a part two and finish the other members’ bracelets.

On Weverse, RM shared two pictures of his new haircut and a song recommendation, while V communicated with ARMY and posted a status of “end.”

On their Official Facebook page, Big Hit shared a series of MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 Comeback Stage Behind Photos. You can check out the pictures taken during ON and Black Swan stages in Korean music shows, here.

Wish you could experience the BANGBANGCON again? Well, you’re in for a treat, as BANGBANGCON The Live is coming to Weverse on June 14, 6pm KST! The tweet posted by @BTS_Official states this is “an online live concert that will let BTS and ARMY continue to nurture their special connection together while keeping everyone safe and healthy!” The live concert will be available for purchase from June 1, through Weverse Shop. What we know so far, is that this will include a multi-view experience and a virtual visit to BTS’ own room. Get your ARMY bombs prepared! It looks like June will be a great month for BTS and ARMY, regardless of the quarantine!

Photo from @bts_official

#PROMISE500DAYS trended on Twitter, celebrating 500 days of Promise by Jimin. You can also check out the Korean hashtag, #약속500days.

#ARMYSPIRITWEEK featured a #0613ARMYFM playlist, including IU’s newest song, EIGHT featuring SUGA.

The Bangtan Bomb special this week was about Jungkook’s Art Class. The five minute and 38-second video shows Jungkook drawing moon art on a whiteboard, backstage of a performance day. In the clip, RM admires Jungkook’s drawing, while j-hope teases the maknae, signing his name beside the art and crediting himself as the artist. All in all, j-hope was extremely impressed with Jungkook’s drawing and praised his maknae thoroughly for it!


Jin’s song ‘Tonight’ reached 28 million streams on Soundcloud! Let's boost our appreciation for Jin and help him reach 30 million. You can stream the song here.

Chilsung Cider, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, has selected BTS as the ambassador for the Popular Korean drink. A teaser video was released on May 15, through the Lotte Chilsung beverage SNS account.

BTS picked up their “dad roles” once again and got creative in the 3rd episode of BT21 UNIVERSE season 3. What storylines will our beloved BT21 characters go through this time?

Do you remember the video trailer for BTS UNIVERSE STORY? Well, we heard recently that Netmarble will release the full game in the third quarter of 2020. Are you ready, ARMY? Prepare your phones or tablets and your hearts because this is sure to be an intense ride, if the trailer is any indication of what's to come!

Liiv M recently dropped a short clip featuring BTS playing X or O. You can watch it here on Youtube.

The newest collaboration with a Korean clothing brand, SYSTEM, has been shared on Weverse Shop on May 14. The collaboration features hoodies, jackets and accessories “based on Blood, Sweat & Tears”. The brand’s online shop will open May 18 and their offline shop on May 27. Prices are higher than normal for any BTS merch, but we wouldn't be surprised if they sold out. What would you be buying from this collaboration?

That's a wrap! What are you looking forward to? What are you enjoying so far? Please feel free to share with us your favorite part of the week with BTS, ARMY.

Written by: Brianna

Edited by: Sanam and Hel.B

Designed by: Eli

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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