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Previously on BTS: Dust off Your Dancing Shoes, ARMY, it’s Time to Party! October 16-22

Hello dearest ARMY! How have you been?

Can you feel something in the air? Depending on where you are in the world, you may have been swept up by the autumn wind, and the leaves floating by. What we mean, however, is the anticipation and excitement of the last few days leading up to a BTS concert. We’re all surely looking forward to it, but as with anything in life: business before pleasure. So, let’s catch you up on the happenings of the past week!

When Worldwide Handsome Knocks, You Answer

The week started off with our dear Jin gracing us with his dazzling presence on Weverse. He shared some astonishingly handsome selcas, some of which were from the set of ON while others displayed him posing with himself on the TV. How very Jin of him! Twitter also posted a reminder about the upcoming episodes of In the SOOP Season 2 airing every Friday. How could we ever forget? Thank you though, Weverse. We greatly appreciate it!

The Ads Keep on Coming and We’re Not Complaining

FILA had us all stop in our tracks once more, when new promotional pictures and videos hit Twitter. Whatever magic they put into those, can we have some too? Pretty please, with sugar on top? Not only did FILA surprise us again, we also got a teaser for an upcoming PERMISSION TO DANCE pop-up store. Bright, bubbly, colorful ‒ we love it! You thought this was it? Not quite. ØMI posted an update on his Instagram, voicing gratitude for You (Prod. SUGA of BTS), which has ranked #1 on iTunes in 40 countries and #8 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart!

Min PD Nim Strikes Again

Less than a week later, SUGA became a producer once again, but this time, for none other than Coldplay. Without notice, the British band announced on their Twitter the release of another version of My Universe; this time a remix by none other than our very own SUGA. At 4 pm BST on October 18, we were gifted with My Universe (SUGA’s Remix) (here’s the link for the song on Spotify), a smash hit collaboration between Coldplay and BTS. Unsurprisingly, SUGA did a magnificent job creating a version, which stands out from all the others released thus far by giving it a lively, energetic feeling. Do you feel like your driving/travelling playlist could use some sprucing up? You may want to consider adding this remix. You can thank us later!

Wait… All of Them Came Home?

Yes, you’ve read that right. On October 20, our lovely septet made a short, but sweet appearance on VLive. From the three maknaes huddled together in a corner, having a sudden laughing fit over an older Run BTS! episode (you may remember it as the one where they came up with animals to imitate) to them all suddenly feeling each other’s abs and excitedly talking over each other because of the upcoming concerts, it was as chaotic as ever. Their chats ranged from Jungkook asking RM permission to share a few concert-related spoilers (apparently this time, the VCRs are Jungkook’s favorites. We’re keeping our eyes peeled!) to Jin dropping the information – very nonchalantly as he usually does ‒ that he’s been sharing progress pictures from the gym in the group chat with the members. After about 28 minutes, they said goodbye and whoosh, they were off again. Thanks for working so hard, Bangtan!

Permission to Get Excited

With the offline concert “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” only a few days away, the official BTS Twitter account shared promotional posters of the members. RM and Jin started us off. In loose-fitting suits, they looked casual yet sophisticated, coolly holding onto their microphone stands, whereas SUGA and j-hope captivated us with rather opposite looks. Both styled in hoodies and breathable trousers, they presented a youthful and fresh look in their charmingly jazzy poses.

If the styling for the posters is supposed to be a hint, we can certainly say the concert is going to be colorful, bright, and full of happy feelings: exactly what we’d expect from a BTS concert.

The only thing left to do now is count down the hours to the actual online concert. Are you as excited as we are? It’s time to put on your dancing shoes, put some batteries in your lightsticks, prepare some tissues just in case, and enjoy “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE.” Take care of yourselves, ARMY. Talk to you next week!

Written by: Verena

Edited by: Dae

Designed by: Judy

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