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Previously on BTS: Dance Break Practice, Bangtan Bombs, Awards, and Interviews December 19-25

In the middle of the holiday and award season, it can be difficult to keep up with BTS. There are new posts, performances, updates, and pictures almost every day! Let’s take a look at what happened this past week.

December 19

Starting off the week, BANGTANTV posted the 2020 MMA Dynamite Dance Break Practice where the members, sans SUGA, practiced the full performance version of Dynamite. The Official BTS Twitter account shared a group picture after their practice.

December 20

Another BTS video to extend a YouTube record was V’s Boy with Luv fancam, having surpassed 130 million views - the most viewed solo Kpop fancam ever. ARMYs love V’s fancams because of his stage presence and dynamic facial expressions.

December 21

Dynamite was back on the Billboard Hot 100, charting at #9. The track is now tied with Psy's Gangnam Style for the record of a Korean act’s song with the most weeks in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. On the Melon Top 100 chart Spring Day, arguably one of BTS’s most iconic songs, hit its 201st consecutive week. It also extended its record of being the longest-charting song of all time in Melon History. It charted at #58 this week.

December 22

BTS extended yet another record in which they reached their 210th week at #1 on the Billboard Social 50. Dynamite has earned the highest sales revenue for any song this year with $1.85 million total and was the only song in the United States to surpass one million pure sales. BTS’s album MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 achieved Platinum certification on the RIAA’s “2020 Year-End’s Best”. BTS became the first Korean act to earn a RIAA Platinum Album earlier this year.

December 23

BANGTANTV posted a Bangtan Bomb about the story behind V’s tattoos in the ON music video. He had a tattoo on his face that said, “The Shadow Like Me” and one on his neck that looked like he was cracking. According to the comments in the video, the tattoos were V’s original idea. Jimin, j-hope, and V chose songs from Skool Luv Affair for a “throwback Thursday,” which were tweeted by BTS’s official account on Twitter. Jimin chose Just One Day, j-hope chose Where You From, and V chose Outro : Propose.

December 24

On Christmas Eve, ARMY received a special Christmas gift from Jimin, a song called Christmas Love. Jimin left a letter saying that he is singing from the emotions that he felt from when he first saw snowfall. He also talks about how we still have our childlike emotions even though ARMY and himself have now become mature. He thought that it would be nice if ARMY expressed those emotions on Christmas Eve. Jimin ended the letter by telling ARMY that they are all people who deserve to be loved and that he hopes the song helps ARMY reminisce.

BTS interviewed with Radio Deejay, their first radio interview in Italy. Check out the Twitter hashtag #BTSxRadioDEEJAY, to see what happened and how excited ARMYs were for an Italian radio interview! In the interview, BTS talked about wanting to tour again in 2021. The radio hosts also asked them about BE and BTS said that the album is about their love for music and how they treasure friendship the most. J-hope wrapped up Christmas Eve on Twitter by wishing ARMY a happy holiday, and hoped we will enjoy beautiful memories the last few days of the year.

December 25

At midnight (KST) on Christmas Day, V shared his song Snow Flower feat. Peakboy. The song is about how Christmas would not be Christmas without ‘you.’ V wrote in a letter to ARMY about how he felt sorry that his mixtape was delayed. He added that he thinks the end of their year will cause some people's anxiety and depression to grow bigger, but he hopes that ARMY feels some comfort and happiness. RM shared a Happy Holiday post. In the tweet he said that he watched “Home Alone 2.” He also wished for ARMY to have a great time at home and said that he missed us. BTS also performed Black Swan, Life Goes On and Dynamite at SBS 2020 Gayo Daejeon in Daegu, which is one of their last performances of 2020.

What a busy and successful week for BTS! They have continued to consider ARMY, especially with the thoughtful and heartwarming songs from Jimin and V. We wish them Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Look forward to what they have in store for next week!

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