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As ARMY, surprises are always part of our lives. Bangtan thrives on keeping us confused yet excited. This week, one of the most anticipated drops happened after days of debate, giving us one of the biggest shocks of the year. Though, knowing BTS, there is probably way more to come. This and more happy celebrations is what we will cover for this week of May.

Who is It?

Let’s first go through the turmoil Big Hit caused when they dropped a teaser on May 16. It was as calm as it gets when you’re an ARMY, but then Big Hit dropped a teaser image of a black and white blurry something with a D-7 on top of it. It was a countdown for sure, but some were on the fence for whom. After @BTS_bighit retweeted the teaser, ARMY knew it was Bangtan related.

Now it wouldn’t be BTS’ world without a little bit of theorizing... Well, a lot of theorizing. The main debate was whether the member releasing content was Jungkook or SUGA (or in this case Agust D). As the images were released one by one, we ended up getting a silhouette in the image, and the speculation grew stronger. The hashtags #JJK1 and #AGUSTD2 trended among others, all in the search to find out who would be releasing their long awaited mixtape.

We finally received our answer after much speculation. The return of Agust D was confirmed and the countdown stopped at D-2. The MV titled “Daechwita” by Agust D was released and the mixtape became available for streaming. The music video took everyone by storm (even when many were anticipating it). Nothing prepares you for what SUGA can bring with his genius. As Agust D returned, he presented to us a video full of stunning visuals and cinemotagraphy. SUGA sported two stunning looks, and there were two very special cameos. The song itself and the way he raps made all the theories and the long wait of four years worth it. The hashtags #AGUSTD2 and #ITSOUT among others trended worldwide. The wait is over, and “the king, the boss”, is here and yet we all still need time to collect ourselves.

Docu-Series Episodes

BREAK THE SILENCE: docu-series released episodes 4 and 5. Episode 4 was titled “Speak Yourself” and oversaw their anticipation and feelings for the start of the stadium tour. Episode 5 titled “The Opposite Side” had them in São Paulo and gave us another look at what makes BTS special. This series is definitely one to watch as they let us in a bit more into what it means to them to be BTS.

Bangtan Social Updates and Hashtags

Over at Weverse, Bangtan gave us more moments to remember forever. They proved that indeed, BTS and ARMY are one, as they crashed Weverse after a thread of interactions. It all began with Jin and j-hope interacting with ARMY, then later interacting with each other, and then joined by RM. The moments included Jin and RM uploading pictures of themselves saying “this was in my camera roll,” and j-hope posting daisies to brighten our day. Since Jin, j-hope, and RM kept going back and forth, Weverse crashed and wouldn’t let Jin back in. Jin took to Twitter to let us know with a screenshot that Weverse locked him out, and with humor, questioned whether he did something wrong.

V also visited Weverse and besides interacting with ARMY, he posted pictures of Yeontan and captioned them himself (what he believed Yeontan wanted: love and snacks).

On Twitter, j-hope posted selfies that made us all smile for our sunshine. While Jin posted a selfie and told us he woke up after eating Jokbal (Korean dish). We also got tweets from SUGA (Agust D himself) as he celebrated the drop of D-2 with us and shared some pictures from the set.

For the hashtags that were greatly celebrated this week, we had #2YearsWithFakeLove and #2YearsWithTear, as May 18 marked the two anniversaries of their releases. Fake Love has marked so many moments for BTS, and we are glad to celebrate its two years. This also brings up the celebration for the reign of BTS as Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards. They received their first in 2017 and have maintained their spot.

Achievements, Collaborations, and Specials

This week saw a lot of celebration as the boys have reached new achievements. BTS spent their 179th week as #1 in Top Social 50, and BTS_official had reached 2.6 billion mentions. BTS also reached 12 million followers on TikTok, and over at Weverse they gained 5 million wevers.

As for their music, Louder than bombs has sold over 100,000 units in the U.S.; their BTS World OST Heartbeat MV achieved 60 million views; Boy With Luv feat. Halsey reached 15 million likes; IU’s eight feat. SUGA reached 40 million views; and j-hope’s Chicken Noodle Soup feat. Becky G. reached 160 million views. BTS also made history this week by having the first album by a Korean act to be certified Gold in the UK with Love Yourself: Answer.

The BTS x STONEHENgE collaboration is set for pre-orders until May 28 at 5:59 pm KST. The collection includes pieces titled “Birth,” “Destiny,” and “Coexist,” and will be available globally on the Weverse Shop.

FILA Singapore released images of BTS and their collaboration with them over on their Instagram @fila_sg. Bodyfriend also released another promo video with BTS.

HULU Japan announced that for their Live@Home stream, the BTS “LYS Japan Edition” would air on May 26. Also, their participation in the Graduate #WithMe livestream for June 6 on YouTube is becoming even more anticipated as BTS will be speaking and performing.

That’s it for this week! Here’s to another week full of Bangtan, and we wouldn’t have any other way!

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: Dae and Hel.B

Designed by: Batul Khozema

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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