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Previously on BTS: Curated for ARMY, a New Japanese OST, and BE (Essential Edition) - February 13-19

Hi, ARMY! Welcome back to another “Previously on BTS.” This week, we talk about the last few members that have added items to the “Curated for ARMY” room, j-hope’s birthday and BTS’ upcoming Japanese OST. Keep reading to see what has happened this past week!

February 13

The week started with an addition to the #Curated_for_ARMY segment from Jimin, who added a table and a clock to the room. He said that the table has one leg so that ARMY can gather around it. He believes that a table is essential to every room, as it can be used to sketch, doodle or journal for relaxation. About the clock, he said that its ticking can bring calmness to ARMY’s minds. He set the clock at 6:13 so that ARMY will think of BTS whenever they look at it.

February 14

On Sunday, ARMY received a funny Bangtan Bomb with Jin photobombing j-hope’s photoshoot from the 2020 FESTA. Later that day, V tweeted a screenshot of a song, saying that it was one that had left an impression on him as a young boy.

February 15

V updated the “Curated for ARMY” room with a vase with branches and a record player. He decided on the vase because it isn't fancy, but it always catches his eyes. He said not to think too deeply if you have something weighing you down and to do whatever your heart tells you to do—like the branches in the vase that go every which way. The record player, or turntable, is special to the room because V heard that music sounds best on a record. He invited ARMY to listen to music with a friend and share their emotions.

Monday also came with the announcement that Korean fans can now listen to BTS playlists on Spotify Korea!

February 16

ARMY received yet another addition to the “Curated for ARMY” room—this time from j-hope. He added perfume—one for BTS and one for ARMY—because, to him, a scent is the strongest connection that links a person to a memory. The perfume, a scent different to everyone, will make the beautiful memories that BTS and ARMY hold come alive again. J-hope also added a rug, saying it is perfect for ARMY’s rooms in the winter to help keep them warm. He added hearts to it to show his love towards ARMY.

Billboard Japan announced that BTS’ newest Japanese OST, in collaboration with Back Number, for “Signal: the Movie” will be released on April 2. The song is titled Film Out.

February 17

Jin concluded the “Curated for ARMY” room by adding a piano and a puppy. The piano reminds Jin of I NEED U, so he wants ARMY to think of fond memories when they look at it and hopes to play a song on the piano that could resonate in their hearts. Jin also hopes that the puppy, named Bangtani, will bring comfort to ARMY. If ARMYs are having a hard day, they should talk to Bangtani like they are talking to BTS.

February 18

Thursday was j-hope’s birthday! ARMY magazine will have a special blog post dedicated to j-hope. The members wished him a happy birthday on Twitter and Weverse, and ARMY received special pictures of j-hope throughout the year on Facebook!

February 19

BE (Essential Edition) was released. This edition of BTS’ newest album is available on Weverse Shop and from retailers like Amazon. This version of BE includes a photobook, CD, 8 photocards and a poster. BTS would like to show their appreciation to all ARMY that have stood by and watched BTS make history. They hope that they can continue on their journey with ARMY in 2021 and ask for our continued support for BE.

The boys have been working hard on content for BE, and we can't wait to see what BTS has in store. Make sure to check back in for another “Previously on BTS” next week!

Written by Ally

Edited by: Tori

Designed by: Rei

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.

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