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Previously on BTS: Cooking with Butter May 1 - May 7

What’s that delicious smell? BTS can’t stop serving up content! From Butter-y goodness to a packet of member updates, BTS positively sizzled online this week! Let’s take a look at what’s cooking.

Buttered Up

The Butter hype continued this week, starting with the Butter concept teaser poster. The poster contains a collage of seven individual images, with arrows and notes connecting them. Overall the collage has a retro vibe, with a moody high-contrast aesthetic.

Throughout the week Butter concept clips were released for each member, which shed some light on the meaning of the images in the teaser poster. Jungkook’s came first, showcasing him in dark and colorful lighting with a fast ringing beat in the background as he butters a toast, connecting him to the image of toast in the teaser poster. Next was RM, who is shown popping the party popper from one of the teaser poster images. His concept clip has the same beat as Jungkook’s. Jin’s concept clip features the smiley face balloons in the teaser poster, but the background music of his clip is different, a funky drum and bassline. SUGA’s concept clip has the same music as Jin’s as he poses with the camera from the teaser poster. The music changed again with j-hope’s concept clip to a fast electronic beat. In the clip j-hope poses with the teaser poster’s lollipop. Jimin’s and V’s concept clips have the same music as j-hope’s, with Jimin holding a drink and V eating gummy candies, both items shown in the teaser poster as well.

ARMY may remember the original Butter video that contained seven different speech bubbles, and now we know that they correspond to these objects! What does it mean? It’s hard to wait for the full reveal!


BTS put out almost as many personal updates on Twitter as Butter ones! SUGA started the Twitter party with a cute sideways selfie captioned “It’s raining.” Another Twitter update from SUGA showed his studio with the caption “teehee.” Is there more music to come?

RM posted a roller coaster of updates. The first, captioned “cooking,” showed him with bleached blonde hair. The next showed a pink-haired RM playing with his dog Rapmon along with the caption “dogs are difficult.” RM said he’d never do pink hair again, but he must have heard the will of ARMY!

Jin ended the week with a characteristically worldwide handsome selfie showcasing pushed-back hair.

Video Stars

On Run! BTS episode 140, BTS went on a membership training retreat with a newly returned SUGA. They played attendance and driving games, and a prank mafia game that revealed guest producer Na Youngseok, who announced the episode as a special collaboration episode between BTS and Na’s reality show, The Game Caterers. Hilarity ensued as the boys tried to keep from losing a Korean barbecue prize by answering a celebrity quiz and Jin used his best dealmaking skills to win some pork. The show ended with a cliffhanger as SUGA was called away from the feast for an unknown reason. What will happen to him?

Next came a Bangtan Bomb in which Jimin caught Jungkook harnessing the power of light on video! If you don’t believe us, make sure to watch it below.

In Other News

But wait, there’s more! This week, DNA surpassed 19 million likes on YouTube (giving BTS a record for doing this with three music videos), BTS surpassed 35 million followers on Twitter, and Blue and Grey surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify. Continuing the 100 million trend, j-hope donated 100 million won to children in Africa for Children’s Day, which was May 5 in Korea.

Finally, the FESTA fun began on May 6 with the release of the 2021 BTS FESTA D-DAY Calendar teaser poster!

Looking Ahead

More Butter is headed our way, with teasers and updates galore on the schedule. The FESTA festivities will surely continue as well! Make sure you don’t miss a thing and come back next week for more Previously on BTS!

Written by: Allison

Edited by: ren

Designed by: Urvashi

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