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Previously on BTS: Concerts, New Album Incoming and Some Stats! April 16-22

With the “Permission To Dance On Stage” concerts in Las Vegas now wrapped up, the influx of content and the announcement of BTS’ upcoming album has kept ARMY entertained. This blog will talk about the events that have happened this week. Let’s get into it!

This week, BTS kept ARMY hooked by posting photos from their concerts on their Instagram accounts and Weverse. Jungkook posted two videos on his profile of himself boxing with his trainer. On April 16, actor Simon Pegg of “Shaun of the Dead”, “Mission Impossible” and “Star Trek” fame posted a picture on Instagram of himself with his family alongside BTS backstage. We can’t help but envy him and his family for having their fan moment come full circle. After the third day of the Las Vegas concert wrapped up, j-hope, Jimin, and V (with the special appearance of Jungkook) interacted with ARMY through VLive; it was a chaotic but heartwarming livestream.

The video announcing BTS’ new album — which played on the last day of the “Permission To Dance On Stage – Las Vegas” concerts — was released on YouTube on April 17. A notice also dropped on Weverse, mentioning that BTS will be back with a new album on June 10 and that Big Hit Music will release more details soon. Recording Academy/GRAMMYs’ YouTube channel dropped the video of the eponymous award nominee Butter's performance on the same day, so now we can replay BTS’ amazing performance as much as we want!

On April 19, K-media revealed that Jimin’s OST for the ongoing Korean TV drama “Our Blues” will be released on April 25. It will be a collaboration between himself and Ha Sungwoon (as of writing this blog, the OST will now release on April 24 at 11 PM KST). Their first song together is even more heartwarming because they have been friends for years now.

Except for RM, the members of BTS returned to Korea. One can’t help but wonder, “What’s cooking in there?” Additionally, BTS has been confirmed to attend the Billboard Music Awards after a brief break.

On April 19, the Instagram page of the sitcom “The Neighborhood” posted a reel of a scene that mentions j-hope (which he shared on his profile story on April 20)—looking at how Grover (in the brown jacket) wants to look cool. Who doesn’t want to look cool like j-hope?

A new report by Korea Culture & Tourism Institute mentioned that one BTS concert would bring around $547.4 to $969 million (1.2 trillion Won) in the post-COVID world. If the septet holds ten shows, they will bring 1.21 trillion Won to South Korea’s economy. To say that the economic effect of BTS is enormous is an understatement.

On the same day, K-media reported that around four million people watched BTS’ “Permission To Dance On Stage” tour through live viewing, live streaming, and attending the shows offline! Congratulations, BTS, for this new feat!

Hyundai released a new advertisement starring footballer Steven Gerrard and narrated by RM on April 21 to promote Earth Day (April 22) and the FIFA World Cup that will take place in Qatar this year.

A survey on Hallyu, which the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) conducted, reported that BTS is the #1 Korean singer/group that people from overseas like the most, with 26.7% votes, an increase of 4.7% from last year. Statistics like these are proof that BTS’ popularity will remain unmatched.

Overall, this week has been hectic with the release of some new and exciting content and the sweet, frequent interactions between BTS and ARMY. With the upcoming album on the horizon, it’s no wonder that ARMY is buzzing with excitement. What era will this album bring about? Stay tuned for more blogs, and stay safe, ARMY! 보라해!

Written By: Anugya

Edited By: Sanam

Designed By: ThornToHisRose

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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