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Previously on BTS: Butter Promotions, FESTA Preparations and More Achievements May 29 – June 4

With FESTA season kicking off in honor of BTS’ 8th anniversary, and endless new records, this week has certainly been exciting. BTS continued with promotions for Butter and added a slew of achievements to their list, like another #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. But the fun didn’t stop there, so Get it, let it roll, ARMY!


The week started off with the 2021 FESTA schedule being released for BTS’ 8th anniversary. From there, ARMY didn’t have time to breathe. In less than a week, we were indeed gifted with a flurry of pastel-themed photos, two batches of family portrait photos and BTS’ annual profiles. Each handwritten and deliciously endearing description contained their name, a fake political party, career, slogan, and charming appeal points. Jimin even used his profile to detail all of BTS’ major achievements. The members also had the chance to award each other and themselves with humorous titles. Then, a teaser was uploaded as well, in which they showed off their drawing skills and played in a photo booth.

Continuing on with celebratory content, a choreography video for the Black Swan intro from the 2020 MMAs was made available for fans to enjoy the behind-the-scenes of this unforgettable performance. We also got a “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” dance break version choreography video for N.O. The video is only 1 minute and 20 seconds long, but it brought back many memories to ARMY who are longing to see BTS on stage again showing off their unmatched dance skills. Are you ready for the next ten days of FESTA, ARMY?


Butter received its first music show wins on Music Core and won its first Melon Weekly Popularity Award. Yet, the biggest day for the song was probably June 2, as Butter debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart! This is BTS’ fourth #1 hit on the chart in just nine months, making them the seventh act to land four Hot 100 top hits in under a year. You read well, ARMY, “the seventh act!” Isn’t it particularly meaningful? The members and thousands of exhilarated ARMYs expressed their excitement on Twitter. V tweeted a hilarious video of him before deleting it almost immediately (too late, ARMY had time to enjoy it!), and a screenshot of himself at the Butter press conference. Then, BTS posted two group selfies and more photos from the Butter photoshoot were uploaded. In addition to this achievement, they also reached #1 in the following charts: Global 200, Global (excluding U.S.), Digital Song Sales, Hot 100 Japan, K-pop 100, and Shazam Global. A handful of new achievements

In terms of new milestones, BTS reached 800 cumulative perfect all-kills and became the fifth most viewed artist on YouTube across all official videos. Adding to the boys endless list of achievements, their 2017 hit song Spring Day was certified silver, and Life Goes On gold, by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

BTS on Air

On social media, Jungkook and SUGA blessed ARMY with new photos of themselves on Twitter. Jin commented on a Weverse post, stating that his favorite scene in the music video for Butter is where “j-hope eats butter,” adding playfully that “if you disagree j-hope (will) eat butter one more time.”

An interview on iHeart Radio’s Ask Anything Chat was also released, where the boys discussed sleeping habits, hair colors, their favorite things about being in BTS, and more.

On May 31, BANGTANTV uploaded their newest episode of the group’s behind-the-scenes footage for the shooting of the “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” photobook. All that we can say is the members were all stunning in this photoshoot!

More Butter

To extend the satisfaction to see BTS performing, BANGTANTV uploaded their performance of Butter on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert from May 26, and Good Morning America's from May 28 where they performed the tropical remix of Dynamite, and Butter in white suits (special mention to V's ponytail!). Check it out, ARMY!

A special performance video of Butter was also released in which the members beautifully showcased the choreography with white, yellow and blue outfits that matched the concept.

Prior to Butter (Sweeter Remix) and Butter (Cooler Remix) release on every streaming platform available, photos with the members wearing colorful sportswear were posted on Twitter. Last but not least, HYBE gifted us with the fun and charmingly chaotic Butter (Cooler Remix)' Official MV. While the Cooler Remix has a strong rock vibe, the Sweeter Remix is more R&B oriented, giving ARMY many more reasons to enjoy the song!

Don’t forget to tune in next week to catch up with BTS! Until then, please keep supporting them and streaming Butter!

Written by: Lindsay

Edited by: Alice & Hel.B

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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