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Previously on BTS: Bungeoppang, Big Merch Sales, and Breaking News January 15-21

As we approach the one-month mark of BTS’ vacation, ARMY has fallen into a weekly rhythm: wake up; check Instagram for the newest updates on BTS’ life; watch the premiere video for the new ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY BTS merchandise, which was designed by j-hope this past week; attempt, in a vicious Weverse Shop bloodbath, to buy said merchandise before it sells out within a minute; celebrate success or comfort failure by watching the latest Bangtan Bomb or a Learn Korean with BTS video; end the week by reading the newest "7FATES: CHAKHO" installment on WEBTOON. Most importantly, prepare for the release of new music, ARMY, because we finally have a release date for Jungkook’s first OST, prod. SUGA!

“Ain’t no fish” but Super Tuna: A Joyful Bungeoppang IG Update

While on vacation, BTS has regularly updated ARMY through their personal Instagram accounts, and this week was no exception. RM continued to post art-related photos while j-hope gave us a new OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post and informed ARMY that Jin hand-delivered him a carton of strawberries. Jin also dropped in with some pictures of himself by the ocean. One of the most delightful surprises this week, however, was the collaborative Instagram story content featuring delicious-looking bungeoppang.

Bungeoppang, literally translated as carp (bungeo) bread (ppang), is a fish-shaped pancake traditionally filled with red bean paste, though more contemporary variations include a vast array of fillings from chocolate to taro. While the dish originated in Japan over three centuries ago (taiyaki in Japanese), it first became a point of connection between BTS and ARMY several years ago, when RM recommended it to international ARMYs visiting Korea via VLive chat and famously explained it as “fish bread but not fish bread…ain’t no fish inside.” His recently released merchandise, which he posted about on Instagram last week, also featured a Bungeo-ppang Wind Chime.

In short, the wonderful history enriched by BTS led to the beautiful chaos of Jin, j-hope, RM, and Jungkook’s rapid-fire Instagram posting about eating bungeoppang this past week. They changed the lyrics of Jin’s Super Tuna and those of Baby Shark to feature bungeoppang. They put fun filters on the dessert, accompanied by RM singing a parody of Fire and j-hope providing some signature humming. It was clear that all four members were laughing and enjoying the dessert together, bringing ARMY around the world joy and another great reason to love bungeoppang.

Buying New Merch? You’ll Need a Lot of (j-)hope

The Bungeo-ppang Wind Chime wasn’t the only BTS-designed merchandise highlighted this week. The week began with ARMY desperately trying to secure Jimin’s “With You” hoodie and “Red Carving” earrings, which were modeled by a dog-walking RM and ramen-eating Jin in Jimin’s “ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION Show” video MC-ed by Jungkook. Jimin’s thoughtful inclusion of meaningful BTS lyrics and the significant number “13” in the font matching his wrist tattoo clearly spoke to ARMY, who sold out everything in under a minute.

ARMY was just as quick after j-hope debuted his two signature merch pieces: the tie-dyed denim “Side by Side” bag and the “Hope Pot Set.” Named after his song Blue Side, the “Side by Side” bag was designed to resemble those that j-hope is known for wearing at concerts. Meanwhile, the "Hope Pot Set" featured four square planters with appropriately flower-themed lyrics from j-hope’s verse in Magic Shop.

While most ARMYs will likely use the pots to either grow their own plants or display the green HOPE (with a heart instead of an “O”) fake plants that come with the set, models V and Jimin also used the pots to work out during j-hope’s collection show. Jin’s MC skills were so impressive that j-hope threw the “Side by Side” bag to the ground in excitement twice. The few ARMYs who managed to snag their bags during the immediate sellout, however, would probably feel more relieved at getting their hands on this beauty.

“Stay Alive” Until the OST Comes Out!

While this was another fun-filled week for ARMY, there is more just “over the horizon” for producer SUGA and vocalist Jungkook: the release date of their new OST! Designed to accompany the ongoing Webtoon series, “7FATES: CHAKHO,” which stars the BTS members as tiger hunters, the song, Stay Alive, will premiere February 5 (11am KST) on WEBTOON to accompany that week’s installment of the series. Viewers can also read weekly installments for free on WEBTOON, or check out our "7FATES" blog to learn more about the series.

That’s all for now, ARMY, but we’ll keep updating our readers about even more BTS content next week! Feel free to catch up on some BTS sponsor videos or learn some basic Korean with BTS until we return!

Written by: Mariko

Edited by: Lisa K

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.

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