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This week has been filled with media for ARMY and BTS. New hashtags, a new special edition ARMY bomb, a “coffee clip” of RM and Jimin (aka MiniMoni), more advertisements and collabs and Namjoon cooking! Ending with an upcoming free streaming concert marathon on Weverse and BANGTANTV - the official BTS YouTube channel - the last seven days were necessary for ARMY who are quarantined around the world. BTS knows how to bring hope to their fans.


Starting with Twitter, the week has been explosive with BTS content! The boys used the hashtags #BOTD #BTS_OF_THE_DAY on their pictures, on their Twitter account. Each post included something the boys were currently doing, inspiring and encouraging ARMY to stay strong during this time of quarantine. So far, using the tags in their very own way, were Namjoon, Taehyung, Yoongi, and Jungkook.

On April 12, Taehyung posted twice on Weverse. One picture of his dog Kim Yeontan and two pictures of himself with a sun graphic on his nose and stubble. Two days later, Namjoon posted two selfies and a picture of his Aglio e Olio pasta that he cooked himself.

Even more content included RUN BTS! 100 episode special. For the occasion, Big Hit rented out the gym where the Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISACS) usually take place, to recreate some sports and activities from previous RUN episodes, for the boys.

Also came along the way several updates from brands who currently collaborate with BTS: a bodyfriend commercial and a behind the scene clip, IG updates from Hyundai and Lemona, and a video message from BTS on Tokopedia.

On VLive, we got to see MiniMoni make their own Dalgona lattes while they listened to their song Coffee and talked like they were at a cafe.

Bangtan bombs this week included “Photographer Jin” and the “Behind the Scenes of 2019 MMA Performance practice”.


Big Hit has also released a special edition “MAP OF THE SOUL” ARMY Bomb lightstick. Due to the stipulations against shipping due to the virus around the world, the lightstick is only available in South Korea for the time being. This version comes in an updated sleek design. The light is brighter, the bulb is softly rounded to perfection and the mode button and power button are closer together. If you live in South Korea, you could purchase this for USD 31,50 providing they restock soon… Because unfortunately, it is currently sold out!

BTS official Instagram has been posting daily this week on their stories, sharing countdown pictures and gifs of the boys with the previous and special edition ARMY Bombs. @Bts_Official also posted a checklist for the BANGBANGCON coming on Saturday and Sunday.


To add to our guys successes their song Coffee reached 30 million Spotify streams.Their music videos for Boy in luv reaches 330 million views, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7’s Outro: Ego currently sits at 51 million views with Interlude: Shadow at 69 million views. The music video for the single Black Swan is currently at 64 million views. Also, the album’s title track ON videos have just over 154 million views for the Manifesto film and 114 million views for the Official MV! Congrats ARMY and BTS!


Bangbangcon will air on YouTube and Weverse next weekend (April 18 and 19 from 12pm KST). Fans all over the world will be given the chance to watch 4 films per day, totaling 8 for the weekend con. The daily lineup includes concerts, musters, and memories footage. What's even better about this, Big Hit will make it possible for ARMYs to connect their lightsticks if they stream the films on Weverse, bringing the concert experience to them.

With the quarantine around the world and the canceled Korean concerts and postponed American concerts, this free streaming party will be a pure gift to the fandom. Are you excited, ARMY? Could this happen again during the quarantine?

Written by: Brianna

Edited by: Lisa & Hel.B

Designer: Leslie

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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