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Previously on BTS: BTS in Bloom March 27 - April 3

Hi ARMY! Are you having a good spring so far? From a talk show special to a music video, BTS is positively blooming with everything they’ve been up to this past week. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

A Garden of Content

BTS’s video content constantly flowed in throughout the past seven days. The first video release of the week was a new Bodyfriend commercial film. It started out with SUGA and RM waiting for a flight and asking where Jimin is - only for the film to show him luxuriating in a Bodyfriend chair alongside a cucumber-eyed j-hope! Next came episode 135 of Run BTS!, in which the “Workshop Special” continued with an item hide-and-seek competition game. Finally, two Bangtan Bombs were released. The first blessed us with Jimin rapping and singing in a helium voice, and the second showed the boys messing around during a break in the 2020 VMAs performance filming.

Talk Time

A big event this week was “Let’s BTS,” a 100-minute talk show special hosted by Shin Dong Yeop. “Let’s BTS” started out with a cool slow jam version of Dynamite, followed by a mini FIRE performance with guest comedian Jang Do Yeon leading into a retrospective segment. BTS looked back on their journey and the meaning they have created. There were many tender and funny moments, especially when they wrote down things they’d wanted to say to and hear from each other, and read punny compliments about themselves from ARMY. The show ended sweetly with a Life Goes On performance accompanied by videos of ARMYs singing along.

Social Butterfly BTS

BTS continued to spread their messages of hope, positivity, and mischief on social media this week. First, j-hope shared the moment of ARMY singing along with Life Goes On from “Let’s BTS” on Weverse, with purple heart emojis. Then, Jimin and Jin serenaded Twitter with seven song relay clips (if you listen close, you can hear Jin ask “how many more-?” right before clip #6 ends)!

On March 30, BTS posted an important message about the discrimination they have faced in light of the #StopAsianHate movement and called on everyone to stand together against racism and violence. On the same day, RM posted on Weverse to say that in hard times, he remembers we are all living under the same sky.

The week ended with a Twitter update containing lyrics from Peakboy’s song Loop and the inevitable April 1 pranks on Weverse with j-hope’s red hair, and Jin saying he’s j-hope now. April Fools’!

The Art Corner

A “CONNECT, BTS” ebook and font were released in honor of the global art project spanning five cities and 22 artists. They are both available to download until April 30. Big Hit also released a BE Comeback VLive Photo Sketch filled with adorable photos of the boys doing everything from eating to posing with a cardboard cutout of SUGA.

Of course, we can’t forget the artistic moment of the Film Out music video release! The soaring instrumentals and dramatic vocal lines compliment the lyrics about painful memories and sepia tones of the video perfectly. BTS recorded this Japanese song for “Signal: The Movie” (released on the same day), and it will be a part of the Japanese compilation album BTS, The Best set for release in June.

Growing Milestones

BTS just kept racking up more records and nominations! This week, Life Goes On became their 15th MV to hit over 300 million views, @BTS_twt surpassed 34 million followers, and BTS became the first Korean group to be nominated for the BRIT Awards in the international group category. In addition, Film Out was the fastest video to reach 2 million likes in 2021 so far!

That’s BTS, always starting and ending the week with a bang! Make sure to check back next week for more news.

Written by: Allison

Edited by: ren

Designed by: Urvashi

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