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Previously on BTS : BTS’ ICONIC MUSIC AND ITS LONGEVITY January 29 - February 4

Another week has passed and BTS has shined for their flawless discography one more time while still on break. There's no stopping BTS from achieving new milestones in their career. As always, ARMY, we are here to catch you up on all the updates and news you might have missed. Let's get it!

Kings of Music Platforms

BTS’s numbers have been increasing on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. On Spotify, several of their songs reached amazing new milestones: Fake Love reached 500 million streams, My Universe (in collaboration with Coldplay) – 400 million, Black Swan – 300 million, Best of Me – 200 million, and Paradise – 100 million streams. Also, BTS now has 45 million followers on the platform, extending their record as the most followed Korean artist. On YouTube, the Boy With Luv MV reached 1.45 billion views, Permission to Dance MV reached 430 million, and Super Tuna (Special Performance Video) hit 50 million views. The likes have also increased on BTS' songs: Daechwita hit 13 million likes, Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G) hit 11 million, and Spring Day hit 9 million likes. While our boys are getting some well-deserved rest, their lovely music is being heard and enjoyed by ARMY each and every day. Let's keep it going for our boys!

Charts and Awards

BTS’s hit single Butter stayed at number 1 on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart, thanks to all the engagements ARMY had with the respective hashtag on Twitter. The song also re-entered the Billboard Hot 100 Japan at number 10. As of February 3, BTS has achieved 46 consecutive weeks at number one in the Gaon Social chart. Moreover, My Universe was certified Gold in Spain, and Taehyung’s Christmas Tree won its second Melon Weekly Popularity Award on January 31. Their impact is undeniable!

Jimin’s Health Updates

On January 31, Big Hit Music released a statement regarding Jimin’s current health status. Unfortunately, Jimin was diagnosed with acute appendicitis, and also tested positive for COVID-19. He underwent surgery for the appendicitis following his physician’s advice and, thankfully, it was successful. Jimin is now recovering from the surgery and receiving treatment for COVID-19. He expressed through Weverse that he was sorry for causing ARMY to worry, and that he will get better soon. ARMY is sending you so much love and is wishing you the speediest recovery, Jimin!

Bangtan Sonyeondan on Social Media

ARMY’s only way of knowing how the members are doing is through their respective social media accounts. Each of the boys has made great use of their Instagram accounts by posting pictures and stories of how they carry out their days. We’ve seen Namjoon posting pictures of art expositions he’s been going to, studio work, and cute selfies; the same goes for Hoseok, who always wants to let us know his outfits of the day as well as his daily activities.

Taehyung posted another snippet of what ARMY thinks is a song from his upcoming mixtape, while also uploading numerous stories he deletes within seconds. Jungkook's recent post was a cover of the song Hate Everything by singer GSoul, in which we hear his beautiful and soothing voice once again. As for Yoongi and Seokjin, they have been posting cute photos of themselves. The boys also came to Weverse to wish ARMY a Happy Lunar New Year on January 31, and shared some pictures. Bangtan never misses a chance to make us a part of their daily routines!

That's all for this week, ARMY! While we continue to miss BTS and stream their songs, let’s keep waiting for the boys to make their amazing comeback, and always wish them happiness and good health. Take care and don’t forget to cast your votes for the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards via Twitter, and on the website if you are in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, or Australia. Until next week!

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