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Previously on BTS: BE-hind Last Week February 27 - March 5

ARMYYYY!! Has life been sweet to you? Did you have time to keep up with the amazing content that BTS gifts us daily? This week, we had a lot of BE-related content and many other things to celebrate too! Let’s dive in.

February has come to an end...

After almost 20 months since the last time he started a broadcast on his own, Jungkook came on VLive to meet ARMY! During the 45 minutes and 32 seconds that went at the speed of light, he showed off his beautiful new blue hair and had a salad with duck. Then, he serenaded ARMY with a rendition of At My Worst by Pink Sweats and short excerpts of Who by Lauv (ft. BTS), Fix you by Coldplay, and Still With You. In the process, he also effortlessly broke three records in VLive History with 10 million views in 32 minutes, 13.5 million real-time viewers in 45 minutes, and 10.2 million real-time comments! These numbers only show how much ARMY missed him on a live broadcast!

On Weverse, Jin posted a cute peace sign selfie. Over on YouTube an interview called “BE-hind Story” was released, kicking off a week of content extravaganza in honor of their BE (Essential Edition) album. In the video, BTS talked about their music-making process with honesty, humility, and perspective, in a one-on-one format discussion where Jungkook interviewed Jin, RM interviewed SUGA, V asked j-hope, Jimin talked to RM, and so on. In addition, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 went gold in the United Kingdom which means it sold 500,000 copies there!

February 28 was another day full of Weverse and YouTube content, and more awards! The cute Weverse selfie train continued with RM smiling in a brown hoodie. The caption read, “February is really over?” It sure is hard to believe that March has stepped into our lives so fast!

On YouTube, seven “BE-hind ‘Full’ Story” videos featuring extra bits from each individual interview of the members were released. Last but not least, Dynamite won Best Song of the Year and Best Song - Pop at the Korean Music Awards.

… But spring is at the doorstep

New month, new records! On March 1, BE reached #1 on the Billboard Top Album Sales chart, marking the third week overall that BE has topped up the chart. Kudos to ARMY for getting it there!

The next day, in celebration of Hope World's three-year anniversary, j-hope released a full version of Blue Side with perfectly dreamy vibes, accompanied by a heartfelt message about his writing process.

Remember the episode of Run! BTS, filmed in a classroom, where the members got water gunned if they said a forbidden word, ARMY? Well, without saying too much, be ready for a much more powerful reboot of this hilarious episode with Episode 131, that aired on Tuesday.

BANGTANTV started releasing a series of vlogs called [BE-Log]. The first one was V’s and it focused on Fly to My Room with a fun collage style and behind-the-scenes recording shots. As usual, V appeared both stunning and cute, and RM’s quick cameo in the video had a strong impact on ARMY.

The next vlogs to release were “[BE-Log] RM”, focused on Blue & Grey - with sweet pet photos and workout clips, soon followed by “[BE-Log] Jin”, focused on Stay and containing shots of Jin fishing and enjoying the Winter Package photoshoot. “[BE-Log] SUGA” was next, focusing on Life Goes On and showing SUGA playing the guitar and singing. ARMY can now look forward to more “BE-Logs” from j-hope, Jimin, and Jungkook in the coming days.

V and Jimin received the President’s Award at their graduation ceremony from Global Cyber University. They graduated in August 2020, but the ceremony had been postponed until now.

On the award side, BTS won the IFPI’s Global Recording Artist of 2020 Award. They are the first Asian act to win this award, evaluated through an artist’s global performance across physical and digital music formats.

RM and Jin both posted selfies on Weverse again. RM captioned his post with “been having salads for dinner”, while Jin gave us a daily update that showed his new haircut. The same day, on Twitter, Jimin posted a set of selfies with the caption “I hope you have a good rest of your day!” With all this sudden social media activity, ARMYs started wondering if some big news might drop anytime soon. Whatever it is we are ready, or are we, ARMY?

That’s all for this week! Make sure to check back for more recaps, don’t forget to stream BE and get ready for Yoongi’s birthday and new milestones to celebrate. Did you say “Grammy”?

Written by: Allison & Hel.B

Edited by: Lisa

Designed by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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