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Shining ✨ through 🌺 the 🎈 city 🏙 with 💕 a 🧚 little 🤏🏻 funk 🎺 and ☂️ soul 🎼 so 🍎 imma 🎸 light 🔥 it 💋 up ⚡️ like 🌈 dynamite 🧨 oOoOh!

It feels like only yesterday since BTS' first full-English single, Dynamite, was released and we can't stop jamming and dancing to it! We can’t wait to tell you all the ✨ jaw-dropping things ✨ that happened this week as the whole world went on a BTS lockdown! So, ladies and gentlemen, we got the medicine, and you should keep ya eyes on the ball. Let’s go!


After the countless hours ARMY spent streaming, Dynamite became the most viewed YouTube video in the first 24 hours with 98.3M views and 8.8M likes, as well as becoming the fastest video to reach 100M views in only 24 hours and 27 minutes. It also broke the record for the biggest MV premiere on YouTube with over 3M peak concurrents.

You thought that was it? Not even close.

Later on August 22, Korean media confirmed that Dynamite MV actually gained 101.1M views in its first 24 hours! On iTunes, Dynamite debuted at #1 in 104 countries and on the Worldwide iTunes and European iTunes song charts. It also landed #3 on U.S. Spotify, #1 on Global Spotify, and gained 1554 spins from U.S. radios, all on the first day.

Dynamite officially achieved a Perfect All-Kill on the Korean charts on August 27, becoming the first English single to do so after “Frozen”’s OST, Let It Go. When we say legend, you say?


Hyundai posted teaser photos on Instagram to remind everyone that BTS’ song for Hyundai will be released on August 31 and the MV on September 2. FILA posted their Fall Collection with BTS, in which they looked stunning! GQ Magazine Japan also posted a special message from BTS, who will be featured on the cover for their next issue.

Releases and Performances

On August 24, Big Hit released the B-side MV of Dynamite with a lot of hilarious, yet endearing moments. On the same day, Big Hit also released an EDM remix version and acoustic remix version of Dynamite. Not long after, they released two more remixes, this time Tropical and Poolside versions. We can't get enough of Dynamite and its remixes!

On August 26, BTS performed Stay Gold and Mic Drop at the 2020 FNS Summer Music Festival, Japan. But with a heavy heart, Big Hit announced on Weverse that BTS’ upcoming performance, “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” will be further reviewed due to another outbreak of Coronavirus in South Korea.


It's safe to say that when Dynamite dropped, it blew everyone's minds away. As this is BTS' first full-English single, all western media competed to be the first to interview the biggest group in the world. In a span of one week, here are the interviews that BTS have done so far:

Social Media

On August 22, Jimin posted two selfies and two behind-the-scenes’ photos with the members on Twitter, to thank us for patiently waiting for Dynamite. RM posted “BOOM” with two selfies on Weverse, and Jin also informed us that he is “healthy and recording for their upcoming album.” BTS dropped two TikTok videos for the #DynamiteChallenge and caused a huge stir because (presumably) j-hope took the time to like and comment on some videos. BTS’ Official Facebook Page posted MV photo sketches and my, my! How we love those bright colors on set!

Jimin finally made his own comeback to Twitter, posting four selfies of himself on August 23 and then another three on August 27. J-hope actively posted on Twitter and Weverse too, showing his excitement for the release of Dynamite. Also, Jin posted a photo of himself holding huge plushies in front of BTS’ trophy shelf. We see what you did there, Jin!

Photos from @BTS_twt on Twitter

BTS, through their official YouTube channel, uploaded a video of all the members lip syncing to Dynamite, initiating a #LipSyncParty. Individual lip sync videos for each member were uploaded daily from the following day. An episode of Dynamite MV Shooting Sketch and a Bangtan Bomb where BTS reacted to their MV, were also posted on their channel.

So that’s it from us, ARMY! Don’t forget to wear masks, stay healthy, and keep streaming Dynamite, 보라해~

Written by: Avi

Edited by: Sanam

Researcher: Saswati

Designed by: Achan

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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