This week, BTS did what they do best: release content. Sometimes it can be difficult to follow, but don't worry ARMY! That’s why we're here to recap everything that happened. Let's get it!

Comeback News

On August 15, the second teaser photo for Dynamite dropped, and it would be a crime not to talk about it. The septet effortlessly pulled off the 70's look and kept us yearning for more. Luckily, on August 19, the MV teaser for Dynamite was released, foreshadowing the greatness to come.

On August 20, @BTS Official launched #BTS_Dynamite_ONEword on Twitter, which challenged ARMY to tweet their thoughts on Dynamite using only one word in the sentence "BTS Dynamite is ___." 30 minutes before the premiere of the Dynamite music video, BTS hosted a live countdown on BANGTANTV. They walked us through a playlist of the members’ top BTS songs and expressed how they overcame the tough times that arose with the pandemic. Shortly after, the music video dropped, and all we can say is that this video will definitely get you your daily dose of serotonin. The song itself is very catchy and has a disco feel, giving it a retro vibe. Don’t forget to stream ARMY!

Charts & Achievements

One thing is for sure: you cannot keep BTS away from the charts. This week alone Stay Gold has surpassed 40 million streams on Spotify. Your Eyes Tell became #1 in 113 countries, it being the fastest song in iTunes history to do so. MOTS: 7 ~ The Journey ~ became BTS’s first Japanese album to hit Billboard 200’s Top 14 and reached a new peak by hitting #1 on this week's Billboard World Albums chart. In the solo spectrum, j-hope’s Chicken Noodle Soup reached 92 #1s on iTunes Worldwide, Filter by Jimin reached 97 #1s, SUGA’s Interlude: Shadow achieved 49 #1s and Jungkook’s My Time, obtained 101 #1s. Jin’s Moon reached 107 #1s on iTunes and is now the 3rd song with the most #1s in iTunes history, passing up Black Swan. Sweet Night by V remains the most streamed OST on Spotify, surpassing 50 million streams. At the Power Summer Awards, BTS won the “Song of the summer” with Stay Gold, “Best Album” with MOTS: 7 and “Best Fandom.” Dynamite had 1,000,000 pre-saves on Spotify, and the music video broke the record for the fastest MV to reach 10M views (20 minutes).

Post and Videos

Over on Twitter, Jimin posted selfies with the caption, “Please finish your day well today and have a good night.” Later on, Jimin posted two selfies again, striking his iconic cheek-poking pose. V made ARMYs all around the world go feral with two mirror selfies of him getting his hair done. This tweet managed to break records by earning 1M likes on Twitter in 89 minutes, becoming the 3rd tweet of Twitter history to achieve this. This is also the fastest tweet by any artist to reach 2M likes on Twitter. On Weverse, j-hope posted selfies that appear to have been taken the day they visited I-LAND as guests for the show, and V went on a commenting spree, telling ARMYs what their future job could be. RM also updated us on Twitter where he posted a selfie with his new KAWS figurine along with pictures of him at a museum. SUGA also joined the fun and dropped two selfies captioned “Go Dynamite!”

Even though we couldn’t get a new “Bon Voyage” season this year, BTS definitely compensated for it with “In The SOOP.” The first episode, which aired on August 20, was all about the members settling down and getting familiar with the place. They made jjapaguri and unpacked their stuff, as well as decided which rooms they would sleep in.

In other video news, a trailer for the “Magic Shop Japan” DVD dropped on BANGTANTV, and it was announced that both the DVD and Blu-Ray will be released on August 26. These were available for pre-order on August 18 on the BTS Japan Official Shop. Also on BANGTANTV, a BTS episode of the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon was released on August 18.

BTS will also appear on the cover for GQ Japan for the 2020 October issue.

Brand Deals

On the business side of things, Hyundai released the teaser photos of RM, SUGA, Jimin, j-hope, and Jin on their Instagram for their upcoming song together IONIQ: I’m on it. FILA also teased their new fall collection by posting a short video of BTS modeling on Weibo and in pictures on Twitter. Baskin Robbins updated their Instagram with behind-the-scenes clips of BTS and dropped vertical cams of members j-hope, V, Jin, RM, and SUGA.

And that’s it for this week ARMY! Hope you enjoyed reading and be sure to share your favorite moment with us. Listen to Dynamite as much as you can, and stay tuned for our song analysis to come soon! As always, purple you!

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