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Previously on BTS: August 14-20

Accumulating achievements, Chaotic Run BTS!, and a much-awaited live

안녕 ARMY!!

Welcome back to another episode of what happened in the world of BTS. Get your popcorn and sodas ready and make yourselves comfortable. Let's get it!

Accumulating achievements

When we review all things BTS, it's only fair that we start on a high note. There is no better way to do so than looking back at the steady, persistent accumulation of an ongoing massive set of achievements.

It's been a year since Dynamite was released and gained the most significant achievement of charting #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It has now reached a new milestone in the UK by becoming the first single of BTS to receive platinum certification. It has also attained a double–platinum in the US and a first platinum in Japan for downloads.

The megahit MIC Drop reached a remarkable and rare milestone, spending 156 weeks on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart, or exactly three years! It is the second musical act by a South Korean artist to chart for such an extended period. Steve Aoki, who participated in making MIC Drop and released a megamix when the song achieved 1 billion views on YouTube, tweeted, congratulating ARMY on this incredible feat.

BTS' Japanese compilation album BTS, THE BEST debuted on this week's Top 200 Albums chart ("the Billboard 200") at #19. It is BTS' ninth album to enter the top 20 of the Billboard 200. Also, both Butter and Permission To Dance (PTD) continued to chart #1 and #2 in this week's top-selling songs. Subsequently, BTS kept their hold in the Billboard charts, with Butter still charting in the top 10 of this week's Hot 100 at #7 and PTD at #55.

BE has surpassed 2 billion streams making BTS the first Korean act to have three albums with over 2 billion streams each on Spotify, the others being Love Yourself 結 Answer and MOTS: 7.

When talking about accolades and achievements, it's only fitting that we also note how BTS remains as a source of pride for South Korea and is only validated more with the South Korean President, Moon Jaein, mentioning them in his 76th National Liberation Day commemoration address. Significantly, the Blue House (대한민국 청와대) also posted an Instagram live story highlighting their achievement on the Billboard charts.

Now to the more fun and frolic part of this week's review.

Permission to Dance’s Challenge comes to an end

On July 23, BTS and YouTube officially announced the “Permission to Dance Challenge,” inviting people worldwide to record and share their 15-second versions of the group's music video. It ended on August 14 with Big Hit Music posting a commemorative tweet and thanking ARMY for their participation. They also teased a compilation video on September 10.

The pure chaos of Run BTS!

Episode 147 of Run BTS! aired on August 17. The members finally learned the thieves' identities in the finale of the three-part Joseon Dynasty era-themed game. The big reveal (we won’t spoil it!) was nothing short of a chaotic comedy. SUGA stole the show by being extremely funny and kept throwing them off with charades. Another highlight was when a cameraman got locked into the makeshift jail reminding fans of how difficult it is to be a cameraman on Run BTS!

The crazy madness of the much-awaited RM - Jin Live

RM and Jin went live and had a fun and relaxing live stream, playing games and entertaining us with their eccentric and funny banter. The pair decided to build mini Lego figurines of BT21, rambling about various events between them. Near the end, they expressed their wishes to see their fellow members SUGA and j-hope host another duo live stream.

How Well Does BTS Know Each Other? The BTS Game Show

On August 18, Vanity Fair posted a YouTube video where the members played a game on who knows one another best. RM revealed his favorite feature, SUGA spoke on re-recording his songs, V told how he realized he was famous, etc. The highlight of this game was when Jin tricked Jungkook into naming ARMY’s love as the one food he could eat for the rest of his life.

There ARMY, we hope you had a fun ride with this week's events. See you in another week.

Written by: Kathy Edited by: Lisa

Designed by: Achan

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