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This week, though not as eventful as other weeks, rather focused on BTS’ upcoming single, with a few side-events. Nevertheless, whether you have some catching up to do with BTS, or if you would like a reminder of the crazy things going on, ARMY Magazine has your back, with some of the highlights of this week’s occurrences. Grab your calendars and start marking up these dates, because it’s going to get exciting. Now, let us begin with the things that have been actively released in the past seven days.


Undoubtedly the biggest news was the reveal of their new single coming August 21, titled Dynamite and marketed as BTS’ first English single. It has been getting a whole lot of hype, from the release of purchasable vinyl records and cassette tapes of the single to an Instagram filter celebrating the upcoming song. Also, their new single is promised to be premiered on every major radio chain in the U.S., something that ARMYs have been struggling to gain the recognition of with their past songs. Naturally, ARMY got excited when countdowns appeared on Columbia Records’ Twitter account, thinking that it was a countdown to a teaser or something on a larger scale. Then we got sorely disappointed by it simply being a link to BTS’ Spotify, though we must understand that the reasoning behind why Columbia Records would do such a thing is to encourage the pre-save of the upcoming single. This, in turn, will help with Dynamite’s debut on the Billboard’s Hot 100 and will encourage radio plays. Nevertheless, clown energy still seems to be strong in this neighborhood.


Next on the list, we have gained another BTS record for Map of the Soul: 7 becoming the best-selling album in Korea, with half of those sales coming within 24 hours of the album’s release. ARMY deserves a pat on the back for that one. Since we’re on the topic of breaking records, Agust D’s D-2 joined RM’s mono in becoming #1 on iTunes in 100 countries, being the only Korean solo acts to ever achieve this. Though it definitely is bittersweet to mention the tour that should have been in full swing by this point in the year (but naturally global safety comes first, so stay safe and sanitized ARMY), Big Hit has made the “Map of the Soul” Tour merch available for purchase worldwide.

Funnily enough and rather new in this aspect, is the Dynamite-centered merch that is also coming with the single. The merch will be available on Weverse and will include caps, tote bags, and t-shirts. ARMYs might mess around and go broke for BTS once again, considering how much purchasable content will be available by their comeback date.


With all of this said, let us look at the content that has been announced. At the end of the week, we got news of BTS’ new documentary movie named “Break the Silence”. It is to be released in cinemas on September 10 in certain regions, and by September 24 around the world. Don’t forget to mark August 13 as the date the tickets go on sale. On our list, we have also the honorable mention of BTS’ upcoming appearance on Big Hit’s survival TV show “I-LAND”, airing August 14.

Undoubtedly the news we were left most in the dark about is the existence of TinyTAN. Although it has a countdown, ARMY is still unsure of what it is. It seems as though these “chibi-inspired”, cutified version of BTS give most ARMYs the general idea of them being marketed on the same scale and path as BT21. However, considering how we have yet to get any concise information on their existence, we should be happy with just knowing these adorable versions of our boys exist, until further notice. So far, you can only follow them on Twitter.

Does everybody feel prepared for the upcoming few weeks? We’re giddy to no extent awaiting Dynamite and the rest of the content to become available, right? I hope this blog helped you in some way, whether it was for entertainment purposes or for some extra background or details on an upcoming event. Stay tuned for next week’s “Previously on BTS”, since more than likely it will only get crazier as the comeback date approaches.

Written by: Ale

Edited by: Lisa K and Hel.B

Designed by: Leslie

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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