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Alright alright alright!

The moment that we have been waiting for is finally here. Yep, it’s #BangBangCon Time, baby! Also, we have a LOT of exciting stuff to tell, so as Jungkook said: “Lesgeddit!”


This day was supposed to be the third day of the “Map Of The Soul Tour” in Seoul, but worry no more, because BANGBANGCON, the BTS concert at home hosted by Big Hit just started! For approximately 11 hours straight, we traveled back to 2014-2016, from the Red Bullet Concert to BTS’ 3rd Muster. Before the concert, Jin shared a short video with concert etiquette, allowing ARMY to eat while watching and to adjust their seat for a better view. Then j-hope, Jin, V, SUGA and Jimin got us up from our seats for a warm up and also took turns to share more etiquette. Please check the full lineup below!

Photo from @bts_bighit on Twitter

@BTS_bighit retweeted their old tweets and pictures every time a concert ended, which made us go on a full nostalgic mode. ARMY, if you ever went to one of these concerts, please share your experience with us here!

During BANGBANGCON, RM uploaded a selfie on Weverse saying he wants to do the stage (of the concerts). V also uploaded a video of him playing with a tiger hand puppet on Twitter. Lastly, Jimin updated TikTok with him dancing to Boy With Luv using a funny filter.

FILA UK also released a series of new BTS x FILA Collection called FILA Paradise on Instagram, emphasizing the colors of summer. UK ARMYs, are your wallets ready?


SUGA kicked off BANGBANGCON Day 2 by encouraging us to watch it with our family, then RM and Jungkook said it was okay to bang our head and sing loudly when we get excited. The boys also came again during the breaks to help ARMY stretch their body for a more convenient experience. V posted on Weverse during the concerts saying “you’re such a funny kid, huh?” referring to a photo of him from Silver Spoon dance practice. We couldn’t agree more.

Photo from @bts_bighit on Twitter

The whole series of concerts had barely come to an end when ARMYs started to have severe post-concert depression, but then being excited again when BTS announced that they would be back to our room in June. Would it be FESTA? We can’t wait!

Photo from @bts_bighit on Twitter

J-hope posted himself dancing to Spring Day on TikTok, and to celebrate the success of BANGBANGCON, BTS’ entire Korean discography charted on the US iTunes Chart. Again! According to @Kpop_Herald on Twitter, BANGBANGCON gained 50,590,000 total views, more than 2,240,000 viewers at the same time in 162 countries, and around 500,000 ARMY bulbs lit up and connected to Weverse. ARMY’s power is amazing.


Hyundai recently released a video campaign featuring BTS for Earth Day, including #DarkSelfieChallenge. Even in the bare minimum of light, BTS still looked stunning!

On Twitter, Jimin encouraged us to play with our pets along with #BOTD #BTS_OF_THE_DAY hashtags. Meanwhile, V took time to play on Weverse and caused a stir with an ambiguous selfie. Jin also took the internet by storm with his two incredibly handsome selfies on Twitter, and Big Hit dropped a sequence of hilarious behind-the-scenes photos from BTS MOTS: 7 Comeback Special “Photo Wall”, on BTS official Facebook page.

Photo from BTS Official Page on Facebook


Big Hit announced BTS’ new docu-series titled Break The Silence. As far as we know, the documentary will cover the 351 days of the group’s ‘Love Yourself’ and ‘Speak Yourself’ World Tours. The first two episodes are dropping on May 12 and will be available for pre-order on April 28. Run BTS! Episode 101 aired, still in the mood of the 100th episode's celebration. In the end, BTS received a gold-plated trophy with a big photo of them from their last tour.

You may have noticed that the boys were wearing MOTS Tour merchandise during BANGBANGCON. Soon after, Big Hit started the pre-order for MOTS Tour merch and most of the items were sold out in no time.

RM adorably complained on Weverse about his weight, and j-hope being his usual fashionable self, uploaded an OOTD picture decorated with a lot of cute stickers on Twitter.

April 21 also marked the first anniversary of MOTS: PERSONA debut at #1 Billboard 200 with 230,000 units sold, making BTS the first group since The Beatles to earn three #1s in less than a year!


BTS’s Love Yourself: HER has also surpassed over 1 BILLION streams on Spotify, becoming their 7th album to reach this milestone. BTS’ ON has surpassed 200K likes on the MelOn chart, becoming the 1st group song of 2020 to do so. And last but not least, BTS is the 6th most-streamed group in history on Spotify with over 9.5 billion streams. Woohoo!

J-hope uploaded a photo on Weverse saying that he wants to do a concert. Then, there was an accidental leak of Run BTS! Episode 102 on Weverse, and BANGTANTV quickly dropped a BANGTAN Bomb of Jungkook watching Kung Fu Panda 2. Nice save!


Whoa, so many things happened! BTS members took over social media alternately, starting with j-hope and RM who live streamed on VLive, decorating ARMY Bombs and posting their selfies together on Twitter.

Photo from @BTS_twt on Twitter

Jungkook stopped by at the end of the live and later, he posted a video of him boxing on Twitter. V also began his famous segment on VLive, TaeTae FM 6.13, playing his favorite songs for ARMY and even revealed a snippet of his newest song. SUGA tweeted that he would open a Q&A session with ARMY and encouraged us to submit questions by using the #슙디에게물어봐 (#AskShoopD) hashtag.


All new songs from MOTS: 7 and Boy With Luv occupied the Top 40 spots on the Genie chart. SUGA came live on YouTube where he painted a canvas blue and confirmed that they started to work on their upcoming album, already decided who’s doing what and that a video will come out soon. Uh oh, seems like another legendary hit is coming!

Stay strong and fabulous, ARMY! Purple you~

Written by: Avi

Edited by: Hel.B

Design by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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