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Hi, ARMYs! I hope that you all had a great and magical Christmas with your loved ones. I also hope you have enjoyed your holidays with BTS! For the holidays, they have gifted us amazing stages at several music shows, exciting announcements, and more. So, let's jump right into it!

Twitter brought many presents this week. It was kicked off with a teaser tweet from FILA Korea. We are all so excited to see what this new collaboration will bring.

Big Hit was on a roll this week, releasing tweet after tweet, keeping ARMY on their toes! First, Big Hit tweeted about the I NEED U music video achieving 200 million views. How impressive!

The second tweet, however, is what got ARMYs’ attention. Big Hit tweeted a teaser with the word “Tour” front-and-center, shaking ARMYs everywhere. Might this hint at a tour planned for 2020? Even Twitter itself joined the excitement for the possible BTS 2020 tour hint. We’ll need to start putting our money aside for this tour, and when the time comes to purchase tickets, may the odds be ever in your favor! Fighting!

To add to this excitement, RM and SUGA posted on the group's Twitter account. They looked adorable in their matching “Fear of God” tees.

Big Hit also posted about two of BTS’ albums re-entering the Billboard 200 chart as well as the MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) music video recently breaking 600 million views. BTS are on a roll, and breaking records are a regular occurrence for them. Could this week get any better?

Looks like I spoke too soon.

BTS Official and Weply announced the soon-to-be-released Winter Package as well.

We now move from Twitter to Weverse, where the chaos and fun continues in the recently released, “BTS BON VOYAGE: Season 4 Episode 6”! ARMYs really enjoy these much anticipated episodes. So if you haven't watched it yet, grab a cup of hot chocolate, get some snacks, and get comfortable. You will be laughing and smiling in no time! Jimin and RM's cuteness will get you, and Chef Suga is on cooking duty once again cooking up his delicious meals!

On Christmas Eve, we received this little gem from the guys:

It officially feels like the holiday season now.

To top it all off on Christmas Day, ARMY was gifted with BTS' stellar performances at SBS Gayo Daejun. BTS performed a medley of Christmas carols with a little girl named Sarang. Jungkook started off the medley with his rendition of Oh Holy Night, followed by V and SUGA performing Jingle Bell Rock (the best bit was seeing SUGA dancing around happily with a candy cane). Next up, we had RM and Jimin singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town to Sarang. It was such a cute performance! Last but not least, we also had Sarang sung to by Jin and J-Hope with Feliz Navidad. Their harmonies were spot on! BTS also performed Boy with Luv, Dionysus, and Mikrokosmos. As usual, the performances were heartfelt and full of energy! What a wonderful way for ARMYs to celebrate the holidays with BTS.

On Friday, BTS blessed us again with their appearance and performance at KBS Gayo Daechukje. Their performances were on point as usual, and the guys in suits sent ARMYs hearts into overdrive!

Here are some tweets that the guys posted after their performances:

With the decade coming to an end, many entertainment news outlets did a “Best Of” segment in review of the music of the 2010s. Lots of them also included BTS! One outlet, Pop Dust, had an article summarizing their “50 Best Songs of the Decade,” which BTS holds three songs in: FAKE LOVE, Silver Spoon, and Spring Day.

But it’s not over yet. We still have V’s birthday to celebrate before the New Year begins. I’m sure that ARMY will make it a special and memorable one. Here's to BTS and ARMY having a blessed and amazing 2020!

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