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Previously on BTS: 7 Billion Lights, Run BTS! Returns, and New Milestones June 12-18

Time flies, ARMY! Our beloved BTS members celebrated their 8th year anniversary and it was a wonderful time for us to enjoy milestones together and reminisce on old memories and make new ones. BTS continued to share pieces of themselves with ARMY through FESTA content and ended the event with the wildly anticipated Muster fan meeting, “SOWOOZOO.” Let’s look back on the week that was!

Happy 8th Anniversary, 방탄소년단!

On June 12, we continued to celebrate FESTA by shining with BTS through a special clip of Mikrokosmos from the “Speak Yourself Tour” in Seoul. McDonald’s also joined in on the fun by releasing cute drawings from the members as part of promotional activities for the BTS Meal.

The ARMY Corner Store opened and BTS was our first guest! RM described it as a place that serves as BTS’ shelter when they need support or have a hard time. The video was full of laughter and cherished memories made over the past 8 years. They also featured different chapters wherein BTS talked about their present lives and how they’ve changed during the last year. Lastly, the members wrote wishlists and brought their own memorabilia to leave in the ARMY Corner Store. What’s on your wishlist, ARMY?

In the hours leading up to Day 1 of “BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO,” the boys tweeted a selfie giving us a preview of their stage. Not only that, ARMY was gifted with another teaser photo, showing us their new hair colors! They performed 15 songs, including an all-member version of Daechwita and the Korean version of Wishing On A Star. Their love and passion for music always shines through as they give it their all for their fans!

The day was capped off with several social media posts, such as Twitter and Weverse selfies from Jin, RM, SUGA, and j-hope along with heartfelt messages thanking ARMY. Closing ceremony pictures were also released.

FESTA isn’t over yet!

Day 2 of Muster, on June 14, was the World Tour Version and had a different setlist for international ARMY. One memorable highlight was BTS putting their own twist on an OT7 version of Chicken Noodle Soup where they were joined by back-up dancers of different ages! As much as we didn’t want the night to end, BTS’ 6th Muster wrapped up in a magical display of fireworks. Who misses their in-person concerts? We sure do!

Just before the online stream ended, a peculiar video of BTS Breaking News was shown that had ARMY on the edge of their seats. Shortly after, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, SUGA, and j-hope posted their gratitude on Twitter alongside post-concert photos.

Post-FESTA Achievements and Releases

It turned out that the BTS Breaking News was an announcement for pre-orders of the BTS CD Single Butter scheduled for release on July 9. We also didn’t miss our favorite boys for too long because Run BTS! was back and reunited us with chef Baek Jong-won for another cooking challenge! BTS and ARMY then celebrated Butter remaining at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 for a third week in a row.

On June 16 new feats were reached! BTS, THE BEST Japanese compilation album was released and can now be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. It was reported that the Japanese album shipped 1.1 million units on its first day of release. SoundCloud also confirmed that Promise by Jimin is now the most streamed song on the platform, reaching over 275 million streams!

To end this week’s recap, RM gave us a sneak peek of his studio, Rkive Yongsan, in the new HYBE headquarters. Jin was featured in Melon Station Big Hit Record Music, highlighting the songs he dances to while taking a shower. Have a listen to his recommendations and let us know your favorites!

We finished strong this week, ARMY! As with previous FESTA activities, we were given the opportunity to sit back with BTS to talk about the year and acknowledge how far we’ve come together, despite the various challenges and struggles. As always, be happy and stay healthy. Borahae!

Written by: Denise

Edited by: LJ

Designed by: Judy

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