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Previously on BTS - 13th - 19th January - BTS and ARMY: Connecting Through Music & Art

After waiting for months on news about comeback, we finally have a schedule, a trailer, an announcement of Art Exhibitions that will take place worldwide and the first single released with an art film.


Although we didn’t yet know the title, twenty-four hours before the first single’s release, hashtags such as #BTSingleToday! and #BTSIsComing began trending worldwide.


Black Swan was released on the 17th at 6 PM (KST), portraying a possibly different atmosphere from BTS' previous album. While Map Of The Soul: Persona was written as a love letter to ARMY, Map Of The Soul: 7 seems to present itself as BTS’s personal journal entries. Although these entries are highlighted in their lyrics, the single's release is accompanied by an Art Film, created by the Slovenian group, MN DANCE COMPANY.

The reaction to Black Swan was one of excitement, with ARMYs trending multiple hashtags and expressing how both the song and video touched them. Despite this not being the title track, the record-breaking numbers on iTunes, Spotify and Youtube not only showcase how BTS' music resonates with ARMY, but also highlight how keen they are in embracing a new concept in the upcoming album.


Black Swan

  • 1st Korean Group to reach #1 on UK iTunes

  • 6th #1 on US iTunes

  • Debuts at #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Chart

  • 94 (and counting) #1s on iTunes worldwide. Highest number attained by BTS beating Psy’s record of 80 #1 earned for Gangman Style.

  • 16 Million (and counting)Views and 2.5 plus likes on YouTube

  • Second Highest BTS song debut on Spotify with 5.4 million streams

  • Enters Spotify Top 200 in the US, UK, and Spotify Global 200 at #20


Map of the Soul: Shadow Interlude

Map of the Soul Comeback Trailer Interlude: Shadow earned 19 million views on YouTube in its first 24 hours and ended with 40 million views in its second week.


This week, it was revealed that "Map of the Soul: 7 sold a record 3.42 million stock pre-orders in its first week of availability."


London BTS ARMYs showed up at Picadilly Circus in London on 15th January 12 KST, but for what exactly? Well, at that point, we had no idea.

Twenty-four hours later, the CONNECT, BTS project was launched. The concept of the program is a global public art initiative, involving 22 artists across five cities: London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul and New York.


The project launched in London on the 15th January at The Serpentine Gallery, with the work of the artist Jacob Kurdsk Steensen, on display. His work, entitled "Catharsis", is a digital stimulation that immerses the audience with a 3D virtual ecosystem of forests captured all over North America, complete with sound to seal the imagination. The show will run from 01.15.2020 to 03.06.2020.


The next day, CONNECT, BTS launched its program, "Rituals Of Care", in Berlin.

This performance program, curated by Stephanie Rosenthal, spans interdisciplinary works from artists worldwide. These works include performances, such as experimental choreography, healing practices, sonic environments and collective gathering. The show will run from 01.16.2020 to 02.02.2020 at Gropius Bau.


This week, the members and the fandom also connected online through various social media platforms. On Weverse, we witnessed Jungkook and V's funny conversation (our poor translators, we love you), V gaming with fellow ARMYs and helping a particular ARMY find a blood donor. Both parties were also present on Twitter, sharing beautiful covers of well-known songs.


Although CONNECT, BTS and Black Swan were the main focus of ARMY life this week, these are some of the things you may have missed:

  • Run BTS, which you can view on WEVERSE or VLIVE. It's back on Tuesdays, with all the usual fun and laughter.

BTS in America

  • BTS confirmed an iHeartRadio Live event and an appearance on James Corden's, "Late Late Show." BTS will perform Black Swan for the first time on The Late Late Show. These two events are held on January 27th and 28th, respectively.

BTS and Brand Partnerships

  • FILA, Formula-E and a surprise brand, Starbucks, all shared video promos or announcements of their specific initiatives with BTS.

  • The news of Starbucks Korea and BTS collaboration was a surprise. Entitled "Be The Brightest Star,” the partnership is a first between Starbucks Korea and a celebrity. The charity-based initiative will gift complimentary candles to customers, who purchase BTS-themed food items. The proceeds of the purchases will go towards the Beautiful Fund Youth Independence Project, which supports young adults who have to leave shelters at the age of 18. The event starts on 21st January and runs while supplies last.

In all that BTS did this week, whether intended or not, it expressed the enlightenment and enrichment of lives when we all connect.

Tell us in the comment section how Black Swan impacted you?

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