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Previously ON BTS - Jun 3 – Jun 9

-The Weekly Report-

Jun 3 – Jun 9

Being a BTS fan means signing up to live in a perpetual state of nervous excitement because of a constant stream of updates that no one sees coming. This week proved no different; every day this week gave us exciting news. Let's take a look at these events and moments in our weekly installment of Previously on BTS.


One surprise Big Hit gave to BTS, came from their “biggest love,” ARMY. In a rare event, ARMY was invited to sing Young Forever to BTS just before the group closed out their last concert at Wembley Stadium. Instead of the beginning of Mikrokosmos, the chords of the Young Forever chorus began and the many reactions flashed across each member's faces until it all collectively rested on pure love and emotion. In that moment, the words " dry eyes" had no place in this space.


On 190606, ARMY learned that BTS and their CEO Bang PD-nim were invited to join the 2019 Class of Grammy members. What does this mean? Well, it means that BTS were invited to be voting members. Bang PD was invited to be a professional members which is a music executives (e.g. labels, label Distributors) who support the work of voting members for this auspicious award show. Within a year, BTS has gone from "maybe Grammy" to Grammy attendees to Grammy presenters to Grammy-nominated artists, and now Grammy voting members. Perhaps this time next year, we will be talking about them as Grammy performers and Grammy winners.


One additional surprise on their Speak Yourself Tour was Halsey dropping in unannounced to sing Boy With Luv at their Paris concert while she was in Europe for her own concert tour.


Some surprises with BTS don't always come out officially. Sometimes they are found by our detective ARMYs, and sometimes we don't have to go looking at all. Sometimes we learn them through the members as spoilers. This week we had such an experience when it was revealed during the MINI MONI V Live that the song Spine Breaker can be expected in this BTS FESTA in some manner. This accidental surprise came from RM as he explained in their hour-plus V Live that he was having trouble remembering the lyrics. This information was doubly made better because of Namjoon's and Jimin's reaction when they both realized what had been said. The fandom collectively had a good laugh as it was the perfect way to end an intimate V Live in which ARMY watched two amazing friends sit and chat about life, their past, present, and future together.


This week is our favorite time of the year as an ARMY: it’s FESTA! This week was filled with contents such as Bangtan News, two new Bangtan Dance Practices, family photos and the marquee event Jin's first self-composed (and produced!) solo song ever! Tonight by Jin was released on SoundCloud and soon became the fastest growing streamed song on Soundcloud.

After much anticipation of the release date of the game BTS WORLD, more information was released this week. ARMY can expect to receive 2 more songs before the end of June, all being released as Original Song Tracks for BTS World Game. The first of the three songs was released on 190607. "Dream Glow" features the subunit Jin, Jimin and Jungkook with the singer Charli XCX. The other two songs we can expect are from the subunits consisting of V with J-Hope and SUGA with RM.



During this week BTS also attained some new achievements. BTS IS GOING TO THE MOON! Well, not literally but figuratively. NASA sent out a request for songs to be played on the moon when they have their next space mission in 2024. BTS, as talented musicians, already have three perfect songs which refer to space, so ARMY, being the amazing fandom we are, decided to start using the hashtag #NASAMoonTunes to suggest the BTS songs. ARMY was able to trend Moonchild by RM and also gather enough suggestions that NASA confirmed within 24 hrs that BTS' Mikrokosmos, 134340, and RM's Moonchild will be added to the playlist. BTS isn't only making the world better with their music but also the universe.


In more news, this time on Earth, specifically in South Korea, BTS has shown to be a strong contender in the song of the year category for this years SK shows. As of today, Boy With Luv has gained its 17th win on SK music shows with this win coming from MBC Music Core.


The sheer amount of content that BTS willingly and at times accidentally provide ARMY can be overwhelming but have no fear: Previously On BTS will be here weekly to catch you up on what you might have missed in the world of BTS. See you next week!


Images and footage by: BTS & Big Hit

Written by: Lee

Edit by: Alex, Anna, Aury, Marcie, Miranda, Nasty, Yasmin


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