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Previously on BTS: January 20-26 Comeback is Imminent. . . Can You Feel It?

Hi ARMY! I Hope you are all good and ready to go for another weekly update in the land of Bangtan. We are all super excited and amped up from last week’s release of Black Swan. Our energy is gaining momentum, and before you know it… BAM! It’s comeback time!! We’ll keep this energy going and make this the best BTS Comeback! So let’s get it!!!

BTS are in L.A. What surprised us though, were the two adorable short clips that BTS posted where Taehyung was seen hanging out with “Parasite” and “Train to Busan” actor, Choi Wooshik. They were casually strolling around L.A., hung out on a bench, and ate some hamburgers together.

Not forgetting our ray of sunshine, our Hope wished ARMY a nice day! He’s always thinking about ARMY and ways to make things happier and brighter for us. This is one of the many things I love about him.

The members didn’t tweet much after this, but BigHit and BTS sponsors/collaborators definitely posted up a storm.

Starting with Starbucks Korea, BTS and Starbucks South Korea worked on a collaboration called “Be the Brightest Stars.” This was launched on the 21st of January and is exclusive to locations in South Korea. The limited edition BTS inspired menu includes purple colored macarons, purple berry cheesecake, purple star cupcakes (with a sweet potato frosting), and a purple colored cake. All these sound so delicious! On top of this, ARMY purchased some beautiful items such as mugs, drinking glasses, tablet covers, and key chains. Check them out below.

BigHit also released some tweets regarding the upcoming album, along with a new Bangtan Bomb!

With the eagerly anticipated tour dates announced, ARMYs lost their minds. Some were understandably freaking out, as their cities were on the list, while some were saddened as their countries weren't featured. Hopefully in the future, BTS can visit more countries they have never visited before (e.g. South Africa, where I'm from. BTS has a huge ARMY fan base here. We are hopeful that one day South African ARMY and many other ARMYs in the same situation, will get to see them! Let's start that prayer circle folks). For those who are planning to attend the concerts, may your wifi connectivity be strong, and may you have a fully charged device! When the time comes to getting tickets, the 'quickest' ARMY wins. Good luck ARMY! Fighting!

P.S. I’m looking forward to those fancams! Please be strong ARMY, I don't want you fainting and missing out on the show. You paid so much for that ticket. You diligently saved your money for this moment… You MUST NOT FAINT! We can't have you fainting when Jimin starts his dancing…. Prepare your hearts now… Is it a deal?

Another episode of “Run BTS!” was released this week. When you have a moment, please watch it as the usual shenanigans and craziness continue with the guys playing hilarious games (p.s. watch Jimin's face when they're doing the measurements). I took a screenshot, and this is just one of the many faces he makes. Jimin is known for being very expressive and his particular sense of humor always makes me laugh! Also, is this “Jay” coming out to play in this picture??? We see what you did there J-Hope!

At the beginning of the week some mysterious tweets were posted of the guys doing a dance practice. Many ARMY were quick to conclude this could only be a rehearsal for the Grammy stage, yet no actual tweet confirming this was made... That is, until now!

Photos from Recording Academy, Big Hit Entertainment, and Ariana Grande

FILA Korea also posted some cute tweets with the members modeling FILA ‘Back to School’ gear, you can check some the photos out below and more on the FILA Korea Twitter account!

Not forgetting the Lunar New Year, here are some Happy New Year wishes from the guys!

BTS has also retained the Top Social spot for 162 consecutive weeks. Let's get that record ARMMMMYYYYY!!!

Lastly, we wish BTS the best of luck for their performance at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. We all know they are amazing performers who deliver extraordinary stages. Without a doubt, they’ll own that stage as usual. We’ll be recruiting new ARMY during the course of their Grammy performance, so let's prepare those ARMY induction packs now.

Written by Nawaahl

Edited by Dae

Designed by Leslie

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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