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Move Over Mr. Darcy Mr. Kim Is Here (Tae's Swoon-Worthy Photo-Folio)

On December 5 (KST), ARMY woke up to the timeline in shambles as an avalanche of incoherent tweets courtesy of V's Photo-Folio, “Me, Myself, and V: Veautiful Days, flooded ARMY Twitter. To say Kim Taehyung or Tae (as ARMY affectionately calls him) is handsome is an understatement. He is grace, charm, and elegance personified. But nothing, NOTHING, could have prepared ARMY (or the world) for the chaos that was about to be unleashed.

The pictorial is part of a “Special 8 Photo-Folio” project, where each member expresses his color, charisma, and individuality by telling whatever story he wants to convey through pictures, kicked off by Jungkook’s vampire-themed book. The Photo-Folios have allowed ARMY to see different sides to BTS as they navigate chapter two.


Taehyung is known as CGV (Computer Graphic V), a nickname ARMY gave him due to his (otherworldly, too gorgeous to be real) stunning features and ability to make even the drabbest outfit look like runway couture. So, from the moment the first teaser dropped showing creative director V, ARMY knew this Photo-Folio would be one for the record books.

However, it was not until December 8, when the first set of preview photos was shared, that ARMY truly understood the unbridled mayhem that Tae was about to release. This was more than just a book of pretty pictures. This was a cultural reset. It was history in the making, and ARMY (although ill-prepared) was more than ready for it.

Mr. Darcy Who?

Taehyung looked regal astride a horse with a top hat in hand, a mix of Mr. Darcy and Prince Charming, striking the perfect pose of a 19th-century gentleman out for an afternoon hunt. The pictural captures Tae's striking features as it draws the viewer into a fairytale-like world reminiscent of a Jane Austen novel or “The Great Gatsby”, where Taehyung is the dashing hero vying for ARMY's hand and love.

The second set of preview pictures continues the story, and for a brief moment, ARMY is whisked away to a land where only Tae and they exist, to a time where men would duel to the death to protect the honor of those they love. A place where heroes wear riding boots, top hats, and carry walking canes. But what was most mind-blowing to ARMY was the fact that although the concept was inspired by the Victorian era, Tae did not seem out of place. On the contrary, he blended perfectly with the scenery and elegance of the period, bringing to life the whimsicalness and heart-pounding excitement that one feels when reading a good period novel.

Kim Taehyung Visionary

While the photos were devastatingly beautiful and mind-blowingly alluring, what thrilled ARMY the most was seeing Tae bring his vision to life. In the Production Film for Veautiful Days, ARMY is floored when they realize the amount of time, effort, and detail Taehyung put into making his vision a reality. "Since two years ago, I've had a lot of discussion about how I should arrange the ‘Special 8 Photo-Folio Set’," he explains.

From set design to the overall feel of 19th-century aesthetics, straight down to how the costumes should look and fit, Taehyung's artistry and vision are instrumental in every aspect of his Photo-Folio. As he explains in his Production Film, “I don’t think I can explain it with one word because there are many elements in it… Since we are doing this anyway, I wanted to prepare this well and do a good job at it. That’s why I set the mood and the atmosphere to the ones I like.”

A Veautiful Conclusion

As previously stated, “Me, Myself, and V: Veautiful Days” is more than just a book of lovely photos. It is a look into the creative mind of Kim Taehyung. It’s also a chance for ARMY to get a peek behind the curtain and see BTS in a different light, not just as singers, writers, or musical producers but as people who are multidimensional as well as multi-talented. It is a journey that allows ARMY to travel alongside Tae and be there to congratulate him when he said, “I think it came out just the way I wanted.”

Well done, Kim Taehyung. It was a very Veautiful Day, indeed. May BTS and ARMY have many more.

Written by: Lisa

Edited by: Ren

Designed by: Achan

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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