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Missing Jin Hours Open: Why We Love Our Eldest Hyung

On December 13, 2022, ARMY's world changed forever. That was the day BTS's eldest hyung, our moon and Mister Worldwide Handsome, Kim Seokjin, put his musical career on hold to fulfill his duty in the Korean military. It wasn't a surprise. ARMY knew the day was coming (even if they hoped it wouldn’t), as every able-bodied male in South Korea has to fulfill this duty. Yet, despite knowing, the shock of the moment still hit ARMY like a hundred-ton truck driving at full speed, right in the gut and heart. It's been four months since that sad day in December. To be exact, it's been one hundred twenty-eight days, twenty hours, and fifty-six minutes (at the start of this blog) since Jin has been gone, and there hasn't been a moment that ARMY hasn’t missed him terribly.

In his insight and Jin-ius (yes, it is a word), Jin didn’t leave the fandom Jin-less (also a word). ARMY soon realized that while their moon may be further away than usual, his beautiful light still shines brightly in their darkest moments.

The Foresight Of Jin (Jinsight)

The first video visit came on January 8, 2023. ARMY woke up to Jin's words of love and encouragement, reminding them that he was always with them, despite not being present. The messages come like Christmas presents once a month, and in those short minutes, time stands still, and it feels as though Jin and ARMY are back together again, and nothing has changed.

These monthly visits are but a minor stroke in the painting that makes up the person Kim Seokjin. It's the brilliance and sparkle of his heart's true colors and his love for ARMY. Each video is a glimpse of Jin's thoughtfulness and foresight to create virtual letters for ARMY in advance, taking time out of his busy schedule to let his fandom know how special they are to him.

The Wisdom Of Jin (Jindom)

It's not just Jin's thoughtfulness and kindness that makes ARMY love him, but also his calm, level-headed, relatable wisdom, his Jindom, if you will. The moments of Jin sharing his knowledge and discernment are so many they could fill a library's worth of books. Here are some especially memorable moments:

“In the SOOP”, season one, episode three, when Taehyung wants to try flipping the pancake, Jungkook asks what if he flings it, to which Jin replies, "Then he flings it." The moment is so ordinary yet so profound. It would have been easy to disregard Taehyung's request for many reasons. However, by saying, "Then he flings it," Jin teaches that life is about experiencing things and that the fear of failing shouldn't stop you from trying.

Similarly, in an interview with Weverse Magazine, Jin reminds ARMY (and anyone reading) that it's okay to do things when you want to do them: "It might not make sense to other people, but it's so important to do things when you feel like doing them. I do things when I feel like it… It's not that I found inner peace. I just think I can express things when I feel them—like whenever I'm sad or happy: I can tell people I'm sad when I feel it; I can say I'm happy when I feel it." Jin's thoughtful words make people feel seen, heard, and understood.

ARMY Loves Jin

There are thousands, no billions, of reasons why ARMY loves Jin, from his humor to his unforgettable laugh, his dramatic video game lives, and his beautiful voice. But no one can explain why ARMY loves Jin better than ARMY:

"I love how he emphasizes the importance of resting, which is extremely important in this society: 'You know those days when you've done absolutely nothing, that people might look at you and say, you wasted your day away. That's the kind of living that gives me rest.'" – @dori7625

"Jin is a quiet pillar of strength for ARMY and Bangtan. He is always willing to do whatever it takes to turn our worries into laughter, and I love him for that. And not that this is that, but his live where he played that video game for three hours was three hours of joy for me." – @lbartsch

"I discovered Epiphany at a time of struggle and personal regret for things I hadn't done. #OurJinnie made me realize that, above all, I need to love & take care of myself in order to be able to fully love & take care of others. I still struggle with that, but I feel his support." – @midori711c


So, why does ARMY love Jin? It's simple, really. ARMY loves Jin because he's Jin.

Written by: Lisa

Edited by: Marcie

Designed by: ThornToHisRose 

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