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Me, Myself, & Jimin ‘ID: Chaos’

ARMY has been buzzing with excitement as BTS’ Special 8 Photo-Folio project unfolds one member at a time. For this project, each member participated in the planning and creative process of their photobooks to accurately express their unique styles and characteristics.

Only seven weeks ago, the project published the latest two releases, "Entirety" by RM and "Time Difference" by Jungkook. The pictural project had been an instant hit with pre-orders of both photobooks selling out on the Weverse shop within minutes of their upload.

Judging by the first two rollouts, the promotions for BTS’ Special 8 Photo-Folio project began a couple of weeks prior to each respective member's birthday. As October began to creep in, we collectively held our breath and waited for Jimin’s concepts to be revealed.

Finally, on September 25, a simple tweet with the caption "Mood Sampler" was posted from the band's official Twitter, a link to a short one-minute and fifty-seven-second trailer of what's to come. The title was also revealed for Jimin’s Photo-Folio: Me, Myself, & Jimin ‘ID: Chaos’.

The video starts with a black-and-white recording of Jimin talking about what he wants to express for his series of concepts. He goes into detail as he chooses his looks, aesthetics, outfits, and even the color of the fabrics for his Photo-Folio. The video flashes different behind-the-scenes clips of him getting his hair and makeup done on the set of the photoshoot.

Jimin expresses passionately how the concept he has chosen was one to represent his raw self; he conveys how much emotion, dedication, and thought he put into the concepts.

The video concludes with more behind-the-scenes clips of Jimin getting his suit tailored, and sorting through dozens of photos.

Screenshots from the video went viral in ARMY spaces around the internet, and clips of the “Mood Sampler” was trending almost instantly with millions of views and shares across social platforms.

ARMY didn’t have to sit long with their anticipation as the next day, on September 26, the first preview photos and "Concept Film 1" was posted on BTS’ official accounts. It was a brief sixteen-second glimpse and four photos of the first concept. He wore identical black and white outfits, adorned with accessories like horned masks, leather gloves, and thick chains.

The second preview, released only a day after the first, included “Concept Film 2” and four more photos. This time the concept was warm, intimate, and regal. He was styled in a prince-like white billowy shirt, the standout focus being Jimin’s temporary tattoo. In cursive across his neck read “Tailor of Chaos,” and chaos indeed ensued.

It seemed the world had been captivated by Jimin, known for his duality. One couldn’t deny his one-of-a-kind charm. Jimin’s uniqueness lies within his ability to lose himself in his art; to become the embodiment of whatever concept he chooses. Through this project, Jimin showcases the vulnerability of the self, drawing viewers in with his stunning visuals.

The 80-page photobook takes us on a full journey of Jimin’s visualized inner self in four topics – black, light and darkness, white, and color: freedom. Through these concepts, we are given an invitation to witness Jimin’s metamorphosis into the person we love and adore today.

The Photo-Folio is described as a look into Jimin’s unconscious self, chaos, and desire for freedom. Throughout the photobook, he depicts the moment his inner self and persona collided: the aftermath it has caused as “Chaos,” the strength he had discovered within himself through trials of “Darkness”, and the meaning of “Light” in his confused state of consciousness. Eventually, he finds his true authentic self, concluding his journey with “Color: Freedom.”

For the front cover of the photobook, we see Jimin as the embodiment of said freedom. The aesthetic shades of bright pink, blue and purple present a complete contrast to the preview of concept photos and films we saw at the beginning of the promotion. A pair of magnificent wings span from his back and take up the majority of the space on the cover. He poses elegantly, wearing a simple yet impactful “LOVE” shirt that speaks more than a thousand words.

We can all identify with the concept, as the human condition is a journey filled with trials, growth, and self-discovery. With Jimin’s example, we can reflect on ourselves, and perhaps we can all discover something new.

At the time of writing, all Photo-Folios including Jimin's ‘ID: Chaos’ are still available for pre-order on the Weverse shop. The project will be officially released on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 (PST).

Written by: Tyana (Smeraldonfire)

Edited by: Ren

Designed by: Martina

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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