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Me, Myself and SUGA - Wholly or Whole me

We are no stranger to the “Special 8 Photo-Folio” project undertaken by BTS. SUGA’s Photo-Folio titled “Wholly or Whole me” has managed to capture not only the various sides of him but the hearts of ARMYs as well!

Centered around nature, SUGA can be seen enjoying his time in the wild in a camper van, which makes for a comfy setting. Some fans speculated that the Photo-Folio might be a tribute to his pet dog, Holly, as one of the most memorable pictures shows SUGA with his arm around a dog’s neck. Even in the photoshoot sketch released on March 15, he can be seen playing heartily with a dog named Shelby who reminds him of Holly. To emphasize his love for camping, his belongings are set up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by rocks.

Whether he be clad in white against the serene mountains or styled in a bohemian jacket in a glamping setup, SUGA’s preview photos captivate us entirely. 

In the concept film released on February 19, SUGA can be seen enjoying a tranquil time against a picturesque backdrop of the mountains, along with his camping essentials and his guitar. The burning embers paired with his copper-tinted hair give a soft glow to his handsome face!  

In the skit video released on the same day as the concept film, SUGA expresses that he has not had a chance to go out in nature for the past 2 years and wants to record nature, its sights and sounds, which people have not been able to enjoy recently. He states, “I need to look as if I live in that forest. It looks like no one would live there but I live there.” For his outfits, he opts for something vintage, donning rustic, vibe-knitted sweaters and clothes in layers along with a cute anorak and beanie. 


In the pre-production making film of “Wholly or Whole me,” SUGA mentions that they have been shooting indoors for 2 years now and the photoshoot set up in nature shows his true feelings coming to the surface. He made sure to take care of all the tiny details, showing his determination in communicating his style to the fans. Whether he is seen in his glamping setup in the Photo-Folio or living in a camper van during “In the SOOP” and “BON VOYAGE,” camping has always been associated with SUGA.

Over a year ago, SUGA shared some pictures on his personal Instagram which looked strikingly similar to the preview photos. In his pictures, he can be seen doing a cute squat, as well as enjoying a cup of coffee outdoors. Fans started referencing these photos and they eventually resulted in a famous BTS ARMY meme!

The “Wholly or Whole me” Photo-Folio is available for pre-order on the Weverse shop and will be officially released on April 4. Weverse states, “The time arranged for SUGA, who believes the best moment he could go back to being no one other than his whole self as Min Yoongi is when he’s out camping on his own. SUGA wishes to share with ARMY the time of him being his truest self in a space only for him where his taste and intention are reflected on each and every object and the entire theme of the photoshoot.” We cannot wait to be blown away when his Photo-Folio is finally released!

Along with his Photo-Folio, SUGA also surprised fans by making a world tour announcement! This will make him the first BTS member to go on a solo tour. The famous rapper and producer will be performing at 19 stops. Kicking off the tour in Belmont Park in the USA on April 26 and 27, he will be heading to Asia after his shows in America. Tour dates for Japan are yet to be revealed but we look forward to enjoying his concerts to the fullest!

Written by: Pluto

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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