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Me, Myself, and j-hope “All New Hope”

As j-hope's birthday approached, we received the news that his Photo-Folio was going to be released. After witnessing the huge success of the previous five Photo-Folios, one for each member, it was just right that ARMY expected beautiful visuals and thousands of pre-orders. Finally, we were about to find out what kind of theme j-hope was going to go for, and we couldn’t be anything but excited!

On January 30, we got the first piece of content from j-hope’s Photo-Folio, the production film. In it, we were able to see some behind the scenes of j-hope planning the concept and fitting different styles he planned to use in the photoshoots. He mentioned that he wanted to try something new by getting rid of his usually colorful and street-like vibe and replacing it with a more dangerous and dark one. Eventually, the preview photos dropped, and we could definitely see what he was referring to. We got j-hope in two different types of outfits: one full-on white, in which we could see him with purple long hair, and the other one with j-hope in a black outfit, full of chains plus other accessories. He looked gorgeous in both, and of course he left ARMY wanting more.

On February 1, the forty-four second concept film was released. It consisted of clips of j-hope in both outfits, but this time we could also appreciate the places and landscapes they were filmed in. The pictures with the white outfit were taken in a pretty lagoon and a field of white flowers. On the contrary, the pictures with the black outfit were taken in a sort of rocky field, though it was on fire, and we could see j-hope in the middle of it.

Just a few hours before j-hope’s birthday, the photoshoot sketch for the Photo-Folio dropped. ARMY considered it to be an amazing present because we were finally going to see the process and the full behind the scenes of the photoshoot. The video started off with “Risky,” which is the name of the white concept. j-hope remarked that it was a theme he thought of and planned out himself, and for that reason he was really fond of it and said it was so much fun. In this photoshoot, j-hope used many different objects, themes, and filming methods, which he thought was meaningful.

Soon after, the last concept was revealed: “All New Hope”. j-hope described it as the new version of hope, “hope gone bad!” The darker side of j-hope was shown through all aspects of this concept, including clothing, accessories, and makeup.

In both shoots, there was a seesaw which he stood on; this seesaw was a symbol of instability. This time, for the second photoshoot, the seesaw was lit on fire to represent him saying, “this isn’t a problem for me,” depicting a more confident j-hope. The various objects that were used in the first theme were now burnt and blown away by him, which shows a clear contrast between the two concepts. j-hope describes the fire as the passion inside him, and that is what he wanted to express with this dark theme.

Thanks to “Me, Myself, and j-hope: All New Hope” Photo-Folio, we got to see a different and mature side of j-hope, which shows how he is an ambitious person who is not afraid to take risks and to make multiple attempts until he gets what he truly wants. ARMY is very lucky to experience j-hope’s growth into this beautiful artist and human being who shines in every project he sets his mind to. If you can and if you haven’t, go get j-hope’s Photo-Folio so you can appreciate this incredible compilation of pictures yourself!

Written by: Ala

Edited by: Marcie

Designed by: Achan

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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