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Me, Myself and Entirety

ARMY knows very well by now that BTS does nothing by halves, not even when it comes to introducing new creative projects. They have a unique and highly impactful way of introducing their concepts, which is evident through how well it has resonated with ARMY.

Me, Myself Special 8 Photo-Folio is a creative pictorial project undertaken by the members in which they aim to showcase their true selves through various concepts. ARMY was pleasantly surprised when the vampire Jungkook pictures dropped. With increased excitement for vampire Jungkook in the air, RM followed suit as preview photos of varying concepts which encapsulated his persona were posted through the band’s official Twitter handle. They reflected his personality and immense love for art.

ARMY were on the edge of their seats as they waited with bated breath for RM’s “Entirety” pictorial release date. It was published on September 5, four days after Jungkook’s “Time Difference” pictorial.

The concept photos include “Wild”, “Calm”, and “Mono. Calm” showcased the comforting side inhibited by Namjoon, while “Wild” perfectly showed his charismatic and intense stage presence. “Mono” is the amalgamation of the human Namjoon and the performer RM along with his anguish and everything he has felt in depth as an artist.

On August 20, a voice note titled “Me, Myself and RM ‘Entirety’ Skit” was released. RM explained that it had been eight years since he filmed like this, and the last time he did so was in a park in Europe. “Since this is a photobook, it won’t be authentic if I shoot this in a car because I don’t drive,” he said. The note ended with the production crew telling him that he had done a great job.

An “Entirety” teaser video was also released on August 24, showing RM pursuing his various interests. From a stroll in the park, to visiting museums so RM could admire art pieces, it demonstrated a clear distinction between the personalities of BTS member RM and Kim Namjoon.

All the members have participated in the making of their own photo-folio projects, from planning to costume, concept development, and props. Big Hit Music said, “Through the pictorial, we expressed the anguish between Kim Namjoon and RM, as well as between a young man and an artist. From a relaxed appearance to a charismatic figure, we plan to reveal various aspects. Project 'Special Eight Photo-Folio' is a new project challenged by BTS.”

A Photo Select Sketch was also released on August 30, in which RM is seen selecting the pictures for the photobook, staying true to the theme of “self-produced.”

On September 12, RM’s Photoshoot Sketch was released. As RM transitions from one set to the other, he explains in detail about the thought process he had with each photoshoot. With “Mono”, he wanted to explore a black and white concept whereas with “Calm”, he wanted to showcase the place where he feels the most comfortable: Nature. With “Wild”, RM wanted to portray the masculine and sexy side of himself, the persona that we see of him as a BTS member.

Through RM’s pictorial, we can admire the varying colors of his personality and how they coincide with each other. With each concept, RM creates a wonderful painting of his entire being, one that represents his deep, soulful side along with his warm and sweet side.

“Entirety” is perceiving the world through RM’s insight, admiring the mundane things and how he finds meaning in moments that many of us may deem meaningless. ARMY cannot wait to see the members’ individual ideas and concepts, as well as how they will actualize them.

The other members of the band are yet to sweep us off our feet! We look forward to being mesmerized all over again with the rest of the members’ photobooks! Until then, Borahae!

Written by: Pluto

Edited by: Ren

Designed by: Achan

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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