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May you always be guided by the moon: Happy birthday, Namjoon!

Happy September, everyone! Today’s post is about our second baby of the month, our lovely leader Kim Namjoon. Without further ado, please grab a snack, a beverage of choice, maybe light a candle and let’s do this.

If humans were poetry, what do you think they'd be about?

In Namjoon's case, he might be about the elements: Fire, representing the ever-growing passion in his heart. Air, being the driving force of his actions. Earth, illustrating what keeps him grounded and humble, the bond he shares with all the creatures of the world ‒ be it plant or animal. Lastly, water, allowing for the fluidity in his words and the depth of his lyrics.

The fondness in a smile can heal you

A day late, because he didn’t want to disturb the staff on their day off, our birthday boy came online to celebrate with us. Dressed in a comfy grey sweatsuit and sipping on his coffee, he delighted us for his wonderful presence. A few minutes into the live broadcast he told us to wait, and returned within seconds all excited, showing off the gift he received from his Jin hyung ‒ a bike (with a little basket attached at the handle)! We can’t think of a better present for him, can we?

ARMY not only appreciates Namjoon for his outpour of sheer elation, but also for his display of sincere vulnerability. Listening to him talk feels just as exhilarating and rejuvenating as a walk out in nature. We can always count on him to reach out to us in the darkness, offering kind words of wisdom that pierce through the obscurity of our worries like a beam of light. If you’ve ever watched any of his VLives, you know the smile Namjoon greets us or sees us off with: it’s the smile ‒ his cheeks move up to his eyes, their shape turning into crescent moons, dimples prominent, lastly a little kiss; something we can store in our pockets for later.

Endless enthusiasm

Whenever Namjoon shows us guides of songs he’s had a hand in, you can feel the genuine care he puts into every piece he touches. With a few spins in his chair, sips of coffee, and a clearing of his throat he swiftly moves on to another topic ‒ something he’s been making a mental note to tell us about. He’s hopelessly endearing, but also unbelievably encouraging, too, as his love for art inspires many countless projects all year round. For his birthday, OIAA offered their platform and came up with a project named #JoonAndYouthForArt by the ACFFC (Art Creation Foundation for Children) with the premise of empowering children in need through art and giving them “tools to create their own reality.”

ARMY is often moved by Namoon’s wonderful words on Weverse, gut-wrenching metaphors in songs or thought-provoking speeches, and it’s true that he carries himself with grace and professionalism in any endeavor. But his personality is even more captivating when you watch him concentrate on an activity before inevitably getting distracted. Then, you can’t help but be reminded of a puppy stumbling and falling ‒ case in point around the 4-minute-mark in this recent Bangtan Bomb:

Because the culmination of all these qualities makes us adore him so much, we wish for him to never lose his youthful, dazzling charm.

There is no fear, there is only us

A moment ARMY probably remembers vividly is when Bang PD asked Namjoon (a prank conversation, mind you!) early on in his career, who would he choose moving forward: “RM or BTS?” He didn’t look unsettled, he wasn’t nervous nor was there any hint of hesitation in his reply. Without any shadow of a doubt, he exclaimed: “BTS!” Albeit having been a fake scenario, Namjoon’s decisiveness and determination at that moment are what now make him not only a gentle, good-hearted leader to the group, but also a true friend to j-hope, a role model to Jungkook, a soulmate to SUGA, a partner-in-crime to Jimin, a loving, proud supporter to V, and a clumsy, little brother to Jin. In other words, the love and care he puts out into the world get reflected back to him by the members and ARMY tenfold.

Namjoon, the hard work you put in, we see it all and don’t take any of it for granted. If we found ourselves in the eye of a storm, we would want you by our side: a person who’s kind, strong, empathetic, and uplifting. Happy birthday, our fearless leader!

Written by: Verena

Edited by: Lisa K

Designed by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.

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