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Journey - noun: an act of traveling from one place to another.

In life we make many journeys, not always of our own accord. The destinations are sometimes burdensome or exhausting, but the path to get there can bring us much joy.

July was an exciting month for ARMY with the release of the Japanese comeback album Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey. The full-length album features 5 original songs, Intro: Calling, OUTRO: The Journey, Lights, Stay Gold, and Your Eyes Tell. Bringing the total songs to 13, including the Japanese versions of IDOL, Airplane pt. 2, FAKE LOVE, Black Swan, ON, Dionysus, Make It Right, and Boy With Luv. The CD includes MVs for certain songs, depending on album type.

This album reflects on the journey BTS have been on since their debut in 2013. It expresses their many hardships, challenges, and successes. The members have now found themselves at the point where they can proudly say to “Love Yourself”, but are still looking for the “answer to the never-ending journey.”

Intro: Calling comes first on the album, featuring distorted vocals from Stay Gold and calming vocalizations and tics at the beginning of the beat, before transforming into something softer and lo-fi-esque.

We are then introduced to Stay Gold, Jungkook’s voice singing softly in our ears with his opening line “In a world where you feel cold, you gotta stay gold. Oh, baby.” The boys were asked in an interview when is the best time to listen to the song. Jungkook replied, “In the morning,” but according to Jimin, the soothing voices of the members would lull ARMY back to sleep. Stay Gold was chosen as the theme song for Japanese drama “Rasen No Meikyuu-DNA Kagaku Sousa (Spiral Labyrinth–DNA Forensic Investigation).” The message of the song is that “though life may be dark sometimes, keep looking forward because brighter days are ahead.”

Up next is Lights. Released in 2019, ARMY was shocked when the MV dropped at midnight on July 3. The MV is now at 82 million views on the YouTube channel UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN. “I feel a little helpless right now. But I still feel like I can save someone. I hear your voice within the noise, time stops, we are connected by sound” The lyrics are quite a journey themselves. Depicting the sense of being helpless and tired, but not wanting to stop because of the peace and help they provide to others.

Showcasing their latest song, Your Eyes Tell, BTS went to Japanese TV to perform live. The song was originally picked to be on Jungkook’s mixtape but was instead used as the OST for the Japanese Movie, Your Eyes Tell to be released in October. Because of this, the song was placed in the Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ album. The members were able to show off their range with impressive high notes that complemented the soothing rap verses that became soft pleas in search of love. “Why are so many tears flowing - Hey, stay by my side and laugh - A future without you is a world without color - Monochrome and cold. Even the darkness we see is so beautiful, please believe me looking only directly at you so you don’t go anywhere.”

OUTRO: The Journey has more of a fun and upbeat sound compared to the lamenting tones of Your Eyes Tell. Both the intro and outro are less than two minutes, but they get the job done - introducing the album and storyline and ending beautifully and thoughtfully.

All in all Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ is another fantastic album from BTS. The calming vibes displayed in the new songs that fill us with love, and the Japanese remakes of the previously released songs that still hit just as hard have a little something for everyone to enjoy!

Borahae, ARMY!

Written by: Brianna

Edited by: LJ

Designed by: Leslie

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