Light Up the 31st Lotte Duty Free Family Concert with BTS!

On April 20, 2021, Lotte Duty Free released the first teaser for its virtual 31st Family Concert through social media. They revealed the full line up on April 21 including BTS, Super Junior D&E, Twice, ITZY, Tomorrow x Together, and Shindong (as the host), and announced that the concert would be held on May 16. BTS has been their model since 2017, so it was not surprising to see them on the list. Just like the previous Family Concert, one was required to register for a Lotte Duty Free membership to enjoy the concert for free.

The CEO of Lotte Duty Free, Lee Gap, stated that by adopting the slogan “Meet the green vibes, Greet the duty free life”, they hoped this would be a “healing occasion” and could raise awareness to protect our planet -- emphasizing the mission of Lotte Duty Free for environmentally friendly business.

This year's concert also used a more advanced technology to enhance the viewer’s experience. In collaboration with CJ ENM, the latest AR (Augmented Reality) and XR (Extended Reality) technology were provided for a more vivid online performance. Lotte Duty Free also partnered with TikTok as the official broadcasting platform.

After almost an hour and a half, BTS appeared as the closing act, performing three songs from their latest album, BE. The first song, Life Goes On, was executed beautifully on an empty stage full of spotlights focusing on the members. Jungkook’s doubling and overall vocal talent trended and received a lot of positive responses from Korean netizens on the website theqoo, where his voice was described as “really sweet” and “flawless”. Seokjin, Jimin, and Taehyung also received similar praises for their perfect harmonization, smooth voices, and precise high notes.

The second song was not only addicting to hear but also to watch, as BTS cheekily performed Telepathy for the second time after MTV Unplugged. So many things happened during the performance that ARMY couldn’t keep up. Namjoon and Yoongi rapped their verses perfectly with a playful yet powerful energy and excellent adlibs, Taehyung and Jungkook, being their chaotic selves, danced to their own choreography most of the time, and Seokjin and his powerful vocals hit us right in the heart. But many ARMYs agree that one of the highlights from this performance was the heavenly harmonization between Jimin and Hoseok (those high notes Jimin, whew!) as well as Hoseok’s famous note changes in his verse. Another highlight was their funny little dances on the “beach” with their black suits. Sounds a bit contradictory, right? Just another day in this crackhead household!

Switching to white blazers, BTS started to perform Dynamite. It might have seemed like another Dynamite stage, but ARMYs were happy to see Yoongi able to perform again. BTS also looked incredibly happy, probably related to the fact that Yoongi was dancing alongside them, looking better and healthier than ever. With their endless energy, they sealed the performance by shouting their hearts out for ARMY all over the world. Right after the show ended, BTS posted two stunning photos from the backstage on their official Twitter account.

Pictures from @bts_bighit on Twitter

Korean media reported that there were 3 million people who watched the Concert this year, bringing up 700,000 new registrants with 91% of them being non-koreans. It increased 36% from last year’s viewership, which gained 2.2 million views and attracted a maximum of 550,000 simultaneous users.

It had been a long time since BTS’ last performance so the Lotte Duty Free Concert recharged our energy just like an oasis in the desert. Now, ARMY, it’s time to gear up and laser focus, because we have a whole comeback right before our eyes! Revise the comeback goals, pre-save Butter, and enjoy your day! Stay tuned on our page to read the latest and most up-to-date news about BTS, 보라 해~

Written by: Avi

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