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Light It Up... BTS Illuminates The GRAMMYS!

Every ARMY knows that performing at the GRAMMYs is one of BTS’ dreams, a desire which the boys have mentioned in almost every interview. In one such interview, RM told Esquire Magazine, it would be the final step in completing their “American journey.” So, when that one goal, which seemed so elusive, finally presented itself, for BTS and ARMY, emotions were at an all-time high.

The pride ARMY felt could not be concealed. Not only was BTS the first Korean band to perform at the illustrious award show, but they were also the first Korean band to be nominated in a main category, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Seeing BTS’ name mixed in with Pop’s heavy hitters, like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, filled ARMY with a sense of validation, that the boys’ hard work was reaping the rewards they deserved.

The early morning of March 15 (KST) began with ARMY Twitter ablaze with excited activity, every timeline flooded with love for BTS. Everyone waited expectantly for the pre-GRAMMY show, where the winner for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance would be announced.

What ARMY was not expecting – although in hindsight should have – was for BTS to be waiting up for the announcement with them. RM’s post on Weverse asked, “Am I shaking?..”, telling ARMY he was awake and equally as nervous as they were. Moments later, j-hope also posted to Weverse with the same question, “Am I also shaking?” Having the boys watch alongside ARMY elevated the electric excitement in the atmosphere.

The collective holding of ARMY's breath could be felt across the internet when the words, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, finally appeared on their screens. The moment had arrived. As the winner’s name was announced, there was no trace of sadness amongst ARMY. Yes, there was disappointment, but what rang out in every tweet, in every mention that accompanied the hashtags #LightItUpBTS and #BTSOurGreatestPrize, was the pride ARMY felt in what the boys had accomplished.

The fact is that BTS is and will always be the winner. A Korean group – whom no one saw coming – singing predominantly in Korean, yet who dominates music’s biggest market and stands toe to toe with some of the industry's biggest names. They have broken records held by legends, and continue their journey into becoming living legends in their own right. Not winning the GRAMMY this time simply became a new goal for ARMY and BTS to work towards.

Later, when the boys posted their reaction video to the announcement, ARMY knew they’d made the right choice in loving these seven men. The pang of disappointment still lingered, as ARMY’s only wish is to see BTS achieve what they deserve. But the night was far from over, as ARMY excitedly anticipated what promised to be an explosive Dynamite performance, pun intended.

If you give BTS a stage, they’re going to own it, and boy, did they prove this true again. To put it bluntly, BTS was the highlight of the GRAMMY ceremony. They gave a truly once-in-a-lifetime performance, lighting up the night with a little funk and soul.

Appearing on a recreated version of the GRAMMYs’ set in South Korea, the boys performed their nominated hit song, Dynamite, putting on a show-stopping stage that will be remembered fondly for years to come. The performance was heightened by their synchronized choreography and pitch-perfect live vocals that garnered them a proposal of marriage from the group, HAIM.

In an evening filled with social distancing and more than one dreary performance, BTS’ stage was the high octane, adrenaline rush that the GRAMMYs needed. The boys appeared in bright colorful suits, mesmerizing the audience. For a few minutes, they gave those watching a moment to smile, get lost in the music, and forget about the pandemic raging outside.

But it was in the moments after the show, after the glitz, glamor, and fancy stages, that BTS shone the brightest. Aware of how disappointed ARMY was, our sleepy boys with tired eyes came to VLive and took to social media to console and encourage their fandom. Jimin thanked ARMY for the experience while j-hope reminded us that the race was not over, and SUGA, the Nostradamus of BTS, gave ARMY hope, tweeting, “Next time for sure!”

BTS may not have taken home a GRAMMY (this year), but to anyone who watched the ceremony, they were the night's biggest winners. If ARMY could send a message to BTS directly, it would say, BTS, You are ARMY’s greatest prize, and this GRAMMY moment is only the beginning.

Written by: Lisa

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: Rei

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