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Life Goes On Again: Awards Shows and Daesang Sweeps

2020 has been a year of devastating loss for many. But despite all the hurdles the year has presented, BTS has found ways to connect with their fans, whether it's by gifting ARMY a song of hope and cheer like Dynamite or simply reminding them that although things seem dark, “like an arrow in the blue sky (...), life goes on”. In a year where all the norms have become abnormal, it's nice that some things remain the same, like the drama and excitement of the Korean award shows season. It's when ARMY gets to give back to BTS by filling their bag with new shiny trophies, thanking the boys for their love, hard work, and good music.

This year’s Melon Music Awards (MMA), were held over the course of four days, with the main event airing on December 5. BTS lit up the night with their stage. The boys performed ON, Life Goes On, and Dynamite, but it was their ballet-inspired choreography for Black Swan that propelled this year’s MMA stage to new heights. The performance was beauty in motion and truly showcased BTS’s growth as entertainers. For those who may not have seen it, here is a link to the full performance.  

By the end of the night, it was clear that BTS would need a significantly larger case to store their awards. The boys took the prize for Best Dance Male for Dynamite as well as Netizen's Choice Award. Yoongi and IU's collaboration eight won for Best Rock. BTS ended the ceremony by sweeping all the main awards (daesang), taking home the coveted Song Of The Year, Album Of The Year, and Artist Of The Year awards.

The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) ceremony was held the very next night, December 6. The boys appeared on the virtual red carpet looking dapper in a mixture of black and grey suits. BTS never fails to impress with their MAMA performance, each year outdoing the last, and this year the boys went all out. The group performed ON, Life Goes On, and Dynamite. ON was filmed at Seoul's World Cup Stadium, with a marching band, fireworks, cheerleaders and back-up dancers. The Dynamite performance was, in a word, dynamite, complete with a “Michael Jackson-esque” dance break that left ARMY on the edge of their seats. But it was their rendition of Life Goes On that left ARMY awestruck.

Transitioning from a world frozen in white to vibrant moving colors brought the song's lyrics to life. The stunning stage wasn't the only surprise. The appearance of a hologram version of SUGA during his rap moved ARMY to tears at the sight of BTS as seven again. The moment has indeed reminded everyone that “life goes on like this again”.

BTS was the big winner of the night at MAMA too, winning Best Male Group, Best Dance Performance Male Group, and Best Music Video for Dynamite. BTS was also among the top ten artists named in the Worldwide Fan Choice. The winning didn’t stop there. The boys continued their daesang dominance by sweeping all the top prizes, taking home Song Of The Year for their Billboard #1 hit Dynamite, and Album Of The Year for MAP OF THE SOUL : 7. They also nabbed Artist Of The Year and Worldwide Icon Of The Year. BTS is now the only group to have swept the main awards at both MAMA and MMA, a feat they have accomplished two years in a row.

Six days after MAMA, BTS attended The Fact Music Awards (TMA), on December 12, where they continued their winning streak—capturing the awards for Year’s Artist, Worldwide Icon, and Listener’s Choice. BTS was also the recipient of the only daesang of the night. The addition of these awards brings BTS’s total daesang won to 52, and ARMY knows that five plus two equals seven, the number of BTS.

Seeing BTS continue to grow as artists and singers has been the highlight of the year for ARMY.  As this year draws to a close and a new chapter begins. ARMY will continue to support BTS and work hard to make next year’s award show season equally great.

Written by: Lisa

Edited by: ren

Designed by: ThornTohisRose

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