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LETTER; A Tribute to the Decade-Old Bond,The Celebration of Unconditional Love

In March 2023, BTS’ Jimin embarked on his solo journey with the release of his debut album FACE. The track list announced only six songs; however, the physical version of the album contained a hidden track titled Letter, which, as suggested by the title, is Jimin's melody-infused letter to ARMY, BTS’ fandom. The concept of hidden tracks is not unfamiliar to BTS or the fans, with the band very often incorporating hidden tracks in past albums to convey their love and gratitude.

Jimin’s Letter—the English title of which being Dear ARMY—has a soft melody, and sweet lyrics that include subtle references to BTS’ discography. Throughout the song Jimin maintains an awareness of his history, of when times were tough and he had no one to hold onto. For Jimin, as expressed in the song, meeting ARMYs felt like the arrival of warm spring amidst harsh winter. Through the lyricism, he not only attempts to express his gratitude to the fans but also assures them that in the future, whenever they face any difficulties, he will stand by their side like they stood with him when he was alone.

The song is an emotional experience for the fans simply because it expresses the sincerity behind Jimin’s statements. He begins the song with, “What should I say and how should I convey / I just feel bad with words / I know they’re obvious but / I’ll say these words in a way it doesn’t sound lighthearted,” which sheds light upon his struggle to choose the correct words to match the intensity of his emotions. The song, when listened through a fan’s perspective, gives the illusion of Jimin’s existence right beside them.

It is worth noting that the song not only establishes a connection between the artist and the fans but also pays tribute to their decade-old bond. For example, the lines “You, who were like warm spring to me in cold winter” and “If we are together / The desert could become the sea” allude to the lyrics of BTS’ songs Spring Day and Sea respectively. The song therefore is a celebration of the unique bond Jimin shares with ARMY. These small but significant details add to the charm of the song and maintain the spirit of its title.

In June 2023, BTS celebrated their tenth anniversary, for which the band released several clips, one of which was Jimin’s live performance of Letter. With a calming guitar melody playing in the background, Jimin serenaded the people for whom he had written the song. Even sitting miles away from them, he still reassured them that he would forever cherish the moments they spent together. From his fear and uncertainty of the future (“After this time has flowed by / Will we be the same / Like back then when we first met?”) to his unshakable trust in their bond (“Since we don’t know what kind of days await us / It’s scary but… / Don’t forget that we are always together”), Jimin carries within the song the ultimate promise of standing by one another’s sides no matter what.

Letter is an unapologetic celebration of the love that has inspired Jimin to believe in his artistic treasures. It is not merely a song; it is the sight of a familiar face among a crowd of strangers. In the era of superficial ties, it is a tribute to the decade-old bond he shares with ARMY.

Written by: Amna

Edited by: LJ

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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