On March 29, the much-hyped-about talk show, “Let's BTS!”, aired on KBS 2TV. This show was much awaited by ARMY, as it was BTS' first full-length interview after what felt like decades! Through this talk show, BTS updated us on the current situation in their lives and had an in-depth discussion about their upcoming ambitions and aspirations. The 100-minute show was an emotional rollercoaster for both the boys and the fandom, as they performed, talked about their struggles, laughed and expressed how much they loved and missed us.

The septet initiated the show by performing a slow jam remix of Dynamite. The members looked beautiful in pristine white suits, with the stage background highlighted in vibrant neon shades and a shifting city landscape which resembled Seoul at night. It was a spectacular performance; both BTS' stage presence and performance stole our hearts effortlessly!

Next, in a light-hearted conversation with the host, Shin Dong Yeop, they had an honest talk about the Grammys. They expressed their regret at not winning, but remained optimistic and looked at the bright side of things. They said that it was an honor for them to perform on the Grammys' stage because according to RM, only a mere 20 artists get to do so! BTS also revealed their behind-the-scenes experience, when shooting their Grammy performance.

Being an idol is never an easy job, a topic which the boys touched on. They spoke about how they overcame their stress and hardships, especially after the pandemic started. Jin explained how he used gaming as an effective stress buster, since it gave him a lot of happiness and satisfaction. But then it began to burn him out and instead, he turned towards reflecting on his life. This was how the song Abyss came into being, the lyrics reflecting on how he felt exhausted sometimes. Similarly, RM talked about visiting various exhibitions and going bike riding to relieve stress. SUGA revealed how he read books and watched movies, since he couldn't perform with the pandemic wreaking havoc in their lives.

An insightful part of this segment was when RM talked about loneliness and happiness. He mentioned how people these days have trouble being a friend to themselves, giving rise to the feeling of impending loneliness. He also mentioned how happiness can be found only by oneself, and that no one else can find it for us. BTS also shared their next goals, namely a Grammy and a stadium tour.

To our delight, the boys expressed their raw emotions about performing in front of ARMY. They described how it gave them the chills, whenever the fans cheered for them; Jimin vividly described the feeling as, “my soul is being pulled out of my body.” They even mentioned that when they get to perform again after the pandemic is over, they would start with ON. Next, the members read and thoroughly enjoyed a few praises sent by ARMYs.

The next segment of the show could only be described in one word: hilarious. The BTS members were recorded before the show for this particular segment, in which they played a game that revealed things they want to hear from and tell each other. It was an innovative and fun way to share their honest feelings and also know some of their inside jokes. RM began the game, and after a few moments of hilarious interactions, it was finally revealed that RM wanted Jin to say to him, “Wow, RM, you're so handsome!”

The game continued on, making some amazing revelations along the way, like Jimin who wanted to hear Jungkook acknowledge that he always copies him and also when Jin asked SUGA to give him a song. J-hope's clairvoyance skills came into light, when throughout the entire game, he was the only one who could predict which member wrote a message to whom. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that ARMY enjoyed this segment the most. It was refreshing to see the boys laugh so heartily after so long.

The show ended on a perfect note of healing with Life Goes On. What surprised us all, BTS included, was ARMYs singing along to the chorus through screens which appeared on the wall behind them as soon as V screamed, “ARMY!” The moment was a pleasant surprise for them, as seen by their shocked reaction soon replaced with warm, endearing smiles. The synchronization was pitch-perfect, making us all emotional as it brought back the wonderful feeling of singing along with BTS in a stadium, even for a brief moment. Thanks for the surprise, ARMYs!

That's a wrap for today! We hope you enjoyed watching the show as much as we did. Let us know which part of the show you enjoyed the most and why.

Written By: Esha

Edited By: Sanam

Designed By: Rei

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