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Jungkook’s Photo-Folio

Team Vampire unite!

At the stroke of midnight on August 12 (KST), ARMYs everywhere were shook when BTS Official tweeted a single, blurry picture of Jungkook. With the simple caption, “Me, Myself, and Jung Kook,” and hashtags ‘Photo_folio’ and ‘Editor_JK’, ARMY Twitter went a little off the rails. Could this be what so many had hoped and dreamed for? Had Vampire Jungkook truly been awakened?

Before any of our dreams could be confirmed (or denied), many ARMYs got to work. Members of our beloved fandom got their creativity on as they began making edits: new posters and “deleted scenes” from The Twilight Saga movies starring our beautiful maknae. Even the official Twitter account of The Twilight Saga took note, tweeting, “and when this actually becomes real, THEN WHAT?” Perhaps this was turning into the crossover us TwiHards didn’t know we needed.

Soon it was Instagram’s turn to join the fun, as bts.bighitofficial put up three series of pictures (along with a video): Mood ‘Day’ Teaser, Mood ‘Inner Self’ Teaser, and Mood ‘Night’ Teaser. The video can be found by viewing picture 3 on the post from August 12. While still not providing confirmation, the vampiric vibes were growing stronger by the post.

After a very long five days of speculation, ARMY was finally rewarded with the 47-second long Me, Myself, ​and Jung Kook​ ‘Time Difference​​’ ​Concept Film on YouTube. Complete with blood splatters, a red moon, and clips of a pomegranate, the vampire feels were hitting us hard.

On the same day, the production film was also released. Titled Me, Myself, ​and Jung Kook​ ‘Time Difference​’​ ​Production Film​, the video takes us behind the scenes as Jungkook describes the process of choosing every detailed aspect of the project himself, including the concept. “I think I remember writing ‘vampire’ for the concept,” he said. There it is, ARMY – the confirmation we were waiting for!

We also got word via a Weverse notice that this was part of a special 8 Photo-Folio photobook, showing “a variety of rich emotions and visual fun,” with an 80-page spread of “powerful, never-before-seen aspects of Jung Kook.” Oh boy – we aren’t ready! As if that wasn’t enough, the merch will also include some exciting extras, such as a mini poster, photocard, stamp and much more!

The following day, preview photos were released. We don’t know about you, ARMY, but the photos had us reaching for our BT21 handheld fans. The extraordinary and breathtaking range our golden maknae has is undeniable!

Naver also published several photos in conjunction with the release of the photobook (which is set to be on November 2) and suddenly, our fans weren’t enough. The post, which included both official pictures along with some behind-the-scenes shots, is a must see for ARMY. Check it out if you haven’t already!

When it comes to the unique projects our BTS members create, there is always a storytelling behind each one. In the case of Jungkook’s photo-folio, the photobook explores the process of an individual’s drastic inner change from becoming a human to a vampire. The concept itself almost makes you question whether a person’s inner self can truly stay the same under such a process.

We are very excited to learn more about each member’s photo project and will be spotlighting them as soon as they are officially released. Please come back soon for RM’s photo-folio review. Until then, ARMY, borahae!

Written by: Marcie

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: Achan

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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