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Jungkook on VLive: This is Not a Drill

Attention, ARMY! On July 29, 2021, Jungkook surprised us with his own mini concert on VLive. He sang like an angel, having a blast in front of over 10 million real-time viewers. This unexpected broadcast made us ARMY all happy to see him doing well, since we had all missed him. Please remain seated and try to stay as cool as you can as we take you back through the Jungkook experience.

Main Vocalist things

For an hour and seven minutes, Jungkook hypnotized us with his mesmerizing voice by singing ballad, pop, and BTS songs. He kicked off his VLive with covers, the first song being smile again by blackbear: a soft and sweet ballad that perfectly complimented his velvety voice.

Jungkook then unleashed his inner “Belieber” and sang three Justin Bieber songs: Peaches, Hold On, and Stay by The Kid LAROI feat. Justin Bieber. He adorably stumbled his way through Peaches while giggling to himself about the lyrics, vibed to Stay, and sang his heart out to Hold On. After claiming that he didn't know the lyrics very well, Jungkook then flawlessly rendered a beautiful version of Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak, and Silk Sonic. His last cover was a Korean song titled As Always by Rad.D.

Plan B(TS)

Towards the end of the broadcast, Jungkook transitioned to singing BTS songs. The energy levels elevated as he went from sitting and singing to dancing and jumping. He kicked it all off with his solo song Euphoria, his hands naturally finding their way to his ears after becoming embarrassed because of him forgetting the choreography. However, he did remember the choreography for DOPE and IDOL, dancing candidly while singing his parts. Then, Jungkook did a mini performance of Outro: Wings for his planned song to wrap up the night -- before auto-play got the best of him; the queue played So What immediately after. He let out a cute scream before admitting defeat, singing it anyway.

Chit-Chatting with Jungkook

When he wasn’t taking our ears to heaven, he was melting our hearts with his precious personality and thoughts. Although he didn’t talk extensively, he did casually confirm his eyebrow piercing. Jungkook nonchalantly said that putting on stickers for a faux piercing was too much of a hassle, so he just got it pierced. He also expressed how much he missed ARMY and suggested that someone should invent a function that allows him to touch a comment and hear the author’s voice for a few seconds. Jungkook then backed the idea up with a mischievous comment, saying, “You’ll never know when I’ll press yours.”

He additionally discussed his hair and how he's trying to grow it out again because of his dissatisfaction with his first two attempts. He mentioned how his first try made him look like a triangle kimbap, and the second made him look like a jagalchi snack from the back. So,even if it took him longer, he said that he would grow his hair out properly.

Continuing the great tradition of BTS VLives, Jungkook left the room to get water, leaving us to stare into the empty studio and his chair -- a piece of furniture now sold out everywhere. His short sleeved see-through pajama set also sold out after causing a great commotion among ARMY on Twitter.

After wrapping up his VLive, Jungkook acquired the perfect all-kill record on the platform: the Most-Viewed, Most-Commented, and Most-Liked Real-Time VLive broadcast. With 22.11M views, 31.16M comments and 925M likes, these numbers are definitely insane, but record breaking is nothing new to BTS!

Unfortunately, ARMY, we have reached our stop for today. Don’t be too sad, though, because we’ll be back soon enough.

We purple you! See you next blog!

Written by: Alice

Edited by: sno

Designed by: Achan

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