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Jinny’s Kitchen Ep. 9-10

Summer may be reaching its peak as the northern hemisphere heads into July, but the sun is constantly shining on the beautiful shores of Bacalar, Mexico and on the cast of “Jinny’s Kitchen.” As they begin to wrap up their stay in the friendly town filled with delicious local cuisine and occasional wandering dogs, the weary employees look forward to making their way back home.

Ep. 9

The episode started with their final day at the house by the lake. They geared up as early as possible to be at the restaurant by 11:30 am with Seo Jin’s goal of hitting 12,000 pesos. Once they arrived at their own snack bar, it was time to prep the ingredients. To their surprise, they finished prepping early and spent the last 30 minutes making lunch for themselves. For the first hour, no customers came. They soon realized people were likely watching a big soccer game happening at the time.

Slowly, customers started trickling in for their late lunches. So far, this had been the easiest opening since they’d arrived, allowing them some time to interact with customers by learning and speaking Spanish and in turn, sharing Korean words. Meanwhile, Taehyung tried his hand at cooking his first corn dog while Seo Joon was out of the kitchen. At one table, a couple enjoyed a date, ordering ramyeon and spicy fricken. They had so much fun teasing each other about the spiciness and deliciousness of the fricken.

After their initial small lunch rush, there were no new orders, so the back kitchen occupied themselves with more prep work. The employees grew restless with little to do while the boss slowly grew anxious about whether or not they would meet their sales goal. Due to those circumstances, Seo Jin had Woo Shik announce to the back that they were (jokingly) keeping the snack bar open until they reached at least 10,000 pesos. At that point, a trio came in from an afternoon of swimming. Once they ordered, Woo Shik brought them and the rest of the dining table dalgona candy to play with.

By the time 5:00pm rolled around, the boss became even more anxious because half their day was already passing by. However, Yu Mi calmly predicted that business would pick up by dinnertime. Hoping to attract more customers, Seo Joon and Taehyung hesitantly tried to attract customers in front of the snack bar; they were able to pull in one family. They ordered one serving of fricken, which made the chef very happy to have something other than just ramyeon to make. The episode ended with Seo Joon finally taking orders for a table of six that had arrived around 6:00pm.

Ep. 10

This episode started off with a new group entering the snack bar, making the restaurant’s current queue a total of six order slips. Though initially flustered by the multiple orders, they were able to handle everything like pros. Seo Joon even came out of the back to help Yu Mi cook the rice dishes when she was busy. Even with the busy rush, they had made only half of their goal and there was only about an hour left. But finally, as the sky grew darker, the dining room began to get full again and the orders began to pile up.

One of the most ordered items on the menu was the corn dog in its many variations. Though most people were initially hesitant when finding out the corn dog was covered in sugar, they eventually enjoyed its unique taste. The ramyeon was also a popular item as people enjoyed the spiciness, but if they didn’t want a spicy meal or preferred something lighter, they ordered delicious gimbap which was easy to eat.

With only 10 minutes until 8:00pm and a full house in the restaurant, it looked like Seo Jin’s goal of 12,000 pesos would now be easily reached. However, his workers were starting to lose energy, and some of their food supplies were slowly running out. Just after 8, they totaled everything and found they’d reached 11,920. In an attempt to scrounge up at least one order equating to a corn dog, Woo Shik walked around the dining room to see if anyone had a last-minute order before closing the kitchen. Luckily, one customer ordered a takeaway order, rounding out final sales to 12,700 pesos! They had done it! With that, Jinny’s crew closed the restaurant in satisfaction.

Written by: Rei

Edited by: Marcie

Designed by: Achan

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