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Jinny’s Kitchen Ep. 7 - 8

Summer season has officially begun in the northern hemisphere! Students are beginning to exit schools for summer vacation while the beaches become more bloated with tourists looking for a breezy getaway! Meanwhile, the crew at Seo Jin’s restaurant is getting heated up with an increasingly busy snack bar! What obstacles will they face in the next episodes? Let’s find out!

Ep. 7

The last episode left the snack bar with a busy dining room as multiple groups came in for a late lunch. They also received a couple of to-go orders, leaving both the front and back of the house busy with making food and delivering the orders. Meanwhile, the requests for chicken never ceased, as expected from one of the most popular items on the menu. As a result, interns Taehyung and Woo Shik had to fry more chicken before their break to prepare for dinner. Once the last customers were seated and had ordered their food, Woo Shik was able to close the entrance to the snack bar. After the lunch service, they were much too tired to think about their own lunch, needing a well-deserved break from hitting their goal of 5,000 pesos. During break time, the employees negotiated with the boss to open the snack bar only for dinner the next day.

Later in the evening, the dinner service started calmly and slowly, but eventually picked up with more families coming in. Meanwhile, the kitchen became busy with the delicious smells of ramyeon, chicken, and gimbap. As the sun started setting, more and more customers arrived for dinner, though it wasn't as busy as earlier. Even so, they quickly sold out of chicken, and at one point, even the pickled radish was out of stock. With that, the restaurant closed at 7:00 with very exhausted employees. The day ended with their sales goal of 10,000 pesos reached. During dinner, they discussed the menu again, opting to remove the combos and tteokbokki, and add in bulgogi rice and spicy pork rice with Yu Mi in charge of that station. Seo Jin, Yu Mi, and Seo Joon also discussed a game plan for their last day, deciding to take out their break in order to give it their all.

Their sixth day started late in the Jinny household. Seo Jin and Yu Mi cooked mak-guksu for everyone and they spent the afternoon relaxing on jet skis before getting ready for work. For their uniform, they wore the fun shirts that Taehyung bought the day before. To their surprise, they arrived at the restaurant with customers already waiting for them.

Ep. 8

The episode started with a surprise: customers had already been waiting for the crew, but they just wanted to make a reservation for dinner that night, along with two other groups. Prep work went smoothly and before they knew it, it was time to open the snack bar. Their first customers for the day were one of the reservations, but soon walk-ins slowly arrived as it was Friday. At one point, a couple of tables bonded over how sneakily spicy the food was, and everyone took cues from each other to get to-go orders. Another table later arrived – the rival from another chicken restaurant – to try Jinny’s chicken as well as other items on the menu. They had fun dissecting the dishes, trying to figure out the different ingredients used.

As the evening went on, the employees’ energies also slowly went down. Between making and serving the non-stop orders, they hadn’t really received much down time to rest. Soon, their first waiting list was created as their queue started to grow, though it was short-lived as they were quickly able to seat everyone. Many customers ordered corn dogs and varieties of chicken dishes that night. A couple even returned, looking for some Korean comfort food after watching their favorite team lose a soccer match. Expectedly, Taehyung got tired and hungry from working, so he asked Seo Joon to make him a corn dog. Seo Joon reluctantly agreed and even made one for Woo Shik, who shared it with Seo Jin.

Once 7:00 rolled around, like clockwork, less and less people came in for dinner. By 8:00, they were ready to close the restaurant, hitting 7,500 pesos in sales. With that, the team braced themselves for one last day at Jinny’s Kitchen.

Written by: Rei

Edited by: Marcie

Designed by: Achan

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