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Jinny’s Kitchen Ep. 5 - 6

Summertime is almost upon the northern hemisphere of the world, which means more trips to lakes, parks, and beaches. It’s also a great time to start on brand new shows or catch up on long-overdue ones, including “Jinny’s Kitchen”, based in the sunny town of Bacalar, Mexico. Join Lee Seo Jin’s crew of celebrities, including Taehyung of BTS, as they continue donning their aprons and enter the restaurant scene.

Ep. 4

The last episode left the employees of Jinny’s Kitchen disheartened as no more customers came into the snack bar for dinner. With a heavy heart, Seo Jin ended up closing early while the crew packed up the leftover food they made earlier that day. At home, Park Seo Joon decided to expand the food menu further by adding chibap, flavored fried chicken with rice and toppings. During dinnertime, the group reflected on the day as well as their overall goals for the trip, slowly realizing that planning day-to-day doesn’t help with Seo Jin’s long-term plan of making a good profit. Added to that was the fact that most restaurants in Bacalar are typically closed on Wednesdays.

The next day brought new hope and opportunities for Seo Jin’s team as they each headed out to the snack bar and the market. The afternoon started off with three groups of customers, but eventually grew to more as the day went on. Of course, the most popular item on the menu continued to be ramyeon and its many variations, but with some promotion, they were able to sell their newest dish, chibap. When break time arrived, Woo Shik drove over to a local restaurant to grab lunch for the crew. The tacos and burritos were so delicious, the group planned to go there for dinner that night.

Meanwhile, during their break, they were approached by their first reservation for a group of four. When the group arrived for dinner, another duo happened to arrive at the same time and together, they placed huge orders that pleased the boss but frazzled the workers. Nonetheless, with Taehyung and Yu Mi’s help, Seo Joon was able to complete the orders. The episode ended with a packed house, a growing queue, and a list of orders waiting to be fulfilled.

Ep. 5

Episode 5 opened up with Woo Shik and Seo Jin organizing the orders while Seo Joon and Taehyung cooked as efficiently as they could. The food was so good, one group constantly ordered more, extending their dining time. Meanwhile, the queue continued to grow, mostly with familiar faces. After a large group left, the crew split the tables and easily received and delivered every order. The rush ended once they seated a family of four that grew into six. Luckily, their order was simple, as they ordered multiple combo dishes.

After the family was seated, the guys closed the snack bar, but a late group of five came in. It turned out they were a group Woo Shik had met while promoting the snack bar on the docks. They ordered spicy fricken for the table, and ramyeon for each person. With this last group, the snack bar was able to reach their daily goal of 10,000 pesos, making the boss extremely happy. He rewarded his employees’ hard work with a glass of juice. Once the snack bar was empty of customers, the staff discussed the next day’s game plan. After negotiating with the boss, the staff reached a decision to come in a little later and split the prepping chores for the next day. With that, they returned home to relax and unwind for the night.

In the morning, the interns started their day early by buying groceries and prepping the kitchen while the executives came in later to help. With everyone chipping in, they successfully opened at 2pm. However, as soon as they opened, they received a full house consisting of groups of two or three. Thankfully, the quick efficiency of the team allowed the food to be brought out in a timely manner. At one point, an order of spicy chicken inspired other customers to order chicken as well. The episode ended with a bar full of customers and even more fatigued employees.

The impact of the snack bar on the community has been very positive. Many locals are enjoying the Korean food and were disappointed to hear it is only temporary. Other tourists loved the food so much they have been inspired to find Korean restaurants in their own countries. All in all, the success of the snack bar is slowly being achieved with each passing day.

Written by: Rei

Edited by: Marcie

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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