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Jin’s Parting Gifts

It comes as no surprise to ARMY when we wake up to new content by BTS every day. From broadcast shows to vlogs on their YouTube channel, BANGTANTV, we are never short of content. With the septet now embarking on new adventures and venturing into solo activities in chapter two, we can anticipate many appearances from the members on various TV shows as well.

On November 6, Jin appeared on an episode of “Running Man”, a Korean variety show. Jin and Ji Seok Jin, a cast member, share the same name. Referring to this fact, SBS wrote, "The meeting of Seok Jin versus Seok Jin will air on November 6 at 5 p.m. KST!" A preview and a sneak peek of the episode were shared on October 23 with fun parallels between the same-named friends.

This episode featuring Jin scored the highest rating for the past eight months. The theme of this episode was 'Seok Jin VS Seok Jin Race.' The first game they played was optional foot volleyball and Jin's team won after playing along with performing unexpected slapstick. Jin's team even won the second 'No, No' game and in the end, after a hilarious turn of events, Ji Seok Jin received the penalty for Jin. The episode ended with Jin's ending ment, "I’ve been wanting to appear on ‘Running Man’ for a long time, and thank you so much for inviting me. I would appreciate it if the audience shows a lot of love for ‘Running Man’ and the episode where I appear."

Apart from this variety show appearance, ARMY swooned over Jin's Jin Ramen commercial. Ottogi previously released a teaser of the commercial and on November 11, the much-anticipated commercial was finally released! Jin can be seen as a model for Ottogi's spicy red and also the milder blue ramen. ARMY was not able to handle how cute Jin looked in the commercial! Ottogi was so content with Jin as their model that they even filmed another commercial.

The friendship between noted chef Baek Jong Won and Jin deepened after his guest appearance on Run BTS!. Both can be seen on “Drunken Truth”, with two episodes airing each week on BANGTANTV. In the first two episodes, they met Park Rok Dam, a noted alcohol artisan, to make makgeolli. Rok Dam took Jin through the steps of making the makgeolli and finally in the third episode, Baek Jong Won and Jin got to try their homemade makgeolli while engaging in playful banter. They decided to visit the local market to gather people who would blind taste their makgeolli and decide whose was better. In the end, it was concluded that while younger people preferred Jin's, older people preferred Chef Baek's.

Adding to the excitement, ARMY has Jin's Photo-Folio to look forward to as well! 'Sea of JIN Island' preview photos feature Jin looking dapper, dressed as a gorgeous captain at sea. He can be seen wearing a black and white outfit with a black beret. Jin's stunning visuals managed to capture our hearts infinitely! The photo-folio aims to portray three different concepts of various emotions felt at sea. According to a Weverse announcement, "Jin expressed fear of being an alien as the pirate in darkness, and portrayed a dignified captain proud of his small boat under the rising sun together with a brave fisherman whose life is at the sea."

Jin appeared on the last episode of Lee Youngji's “No Prepare” and is now the show's most-watched episode. Their matching chaotic energy was contagious, and the ending of the episode couldn't have been funnier, as Youngji ran to the bathroom to throw up while Jin wrapped up the show for her.

Jin also had a special appearance on the “Hal Myung Soo Show” on November 7. We have been loving these appearances that Jin has had so far! Seeing Jin laughing and having fun are like gifts for ARMY to cherish. We look forward to what Jin and BTS have in store for us!

Written by: Pluto

Edited by: Lisa K

Designed by: Achan

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