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It is one of our favorite months of the year again: February! So many things have been happening (*cough*). February is not even finished but our schedule has already been packed with the comeback and, of course, J-Hope’s birthday! Is it a coincidence that our beloved sunshine was born in the month of love and has a heart-shaped smile? We don’t think so! We guess it’s safe to call this month Hobi-uary, isn’t it?


J-Hope’s birthday on February 18, started with SUGA’s tweet: “Hey, Hope-ah, happy birthday! Hahahahahahat.” It was followed by many hashtags, including #IAmFirst, which showed how proud he was of being the first to congratulate J-Hope. Jin followed SUGA’s lead and tweeted in a cute way with an adorable picture of both of them. RM tweeted almost an hour later with nothing but a birthday hashtag (and marked his tweet as “Namjooning”) and a candid photo of J-Hope. Judging from J-Hope’s outfit, the photo was taken on their “2019 Summer Package”’ set. Jimin also tweeted several photos of him and J-Hope from different occasions along with a birthday wish for J-Hope’s happiness. V was the last to release a photo of J-Hope, having a drink with him, and revealing in the hashtag that they “did not even finish one drink.”

BTS members were not the only ones who sent J-Hope birthday messages. Becky G, who collaborated with him on Chicken Noodle Soup also posted a selfie of her and J-Hope and referred to him as “my friend,” making many ARMYs awe. 18 hashtags and J-Hope-related topics in total trended worldwide, along with birthday wishes from more than 50 verified Twitter accounts, including medias and celebrities.

Birthday wishes from Fanbases and ARMY


From cupsleeve events to Billboard ads, fans from all around the world were more than eager to show their love for J-Hope. Ever consider naming a galaxy after someone? Well, in honor of J-Hope’s birthday, @BTSYouniverseTN on Twitter and Tunisian ARMY officially named Galaxy NGC 55 “Hope World.

Image source: @BTSYOUniverseTN on Twitter

But not only does ARMY consist of dedicated fans, they also have the kindest heart. K-Media reported that in order to celebrate their idol’s birthday, J-Hope’s fans, organized by @HOPEONWORLD_twt on Twitter, made a 13 million KRW (approximately $11,000 USD) donation in J-Hope’s name to “Hunger Saver”, a UN-certified relief organization. About 400 fans from 13 countries participated in this meaningful project that has been running for two years. Quoted from Naver, more than 43 birthday donation projects were done under J-Hope’s name, in which money or goods were distributed to J-Hope’s alma mater, animal welfare associations, children hospitals, and other welfare organizations.

One In An ARMY was also proud to introduce “Outside Looking In” as a charity of choice to celebrate Jung Hoseok’s life and passion for dance. This is a Canadian-based organization run by and made for indigenous groups. The program aims to recruit the most talented dancers throughout the country to teach young dancers the latest dance moves and prepare them for a big annual celebratory event in Toronto. But the biggest gift the program provides to these children are lessons of self-expression, commitment, perseverance, and hard work. If Hobi ever finds out about this organization, one knows that he would be thrilled to see so many passionate young dancers pursuing the art of dance. You can visit One In An ARMY’s website to know more about the project here or simply greet them on Twitter. Amazing, isn’t it?


A BTS member’s birthday isn’t really a birthday without a VLive broadcast. And J-Hope greeted ARMY with a surprise VLive in his studio in South Korea. The wall was decorated with birthday greetings and a bunch of (meme) photos of him. He talked about his birthday present from Jin (the jacket that he wore), his birthday meal - a seaweed soup (Korean’s tradition to celebrate birthdays), and recreated the Outro: Ego music video - especially the part where he posed like his younger self, smiling while holding a birthday cake. J-Hope also shared his playlist which consisted of Sasha Sloan’s Too Sad To Cry and Smiling When I Die, Jeremy Zucker’s You were good to me, Selena Gomez’s Lose You To Love Me, Gracie Abrams’ Stay, Halsey’s You Should Be Sad and of course, his own song, Outro: Ego. He then ended his VLive after singing “Happy Birthday” and made a wish before blowing out the candles. J-Hope touched a lot of ARMYs’ hearts by stating, “I wish to be a valuable person to someone, it’s extraordinary if there are many of them, and I will also treasure them the other way around.” Well, you already are precious to us, J-Hope!

So ARMY, how did you spend J-Hope’s birthday? Share your stories and photos from the event with us, and you may be featured in one of our tweets!

Have a lovely day, ARMY, purple you~

Written by: Avi

Edited by: Tori and Hel. B

Design by: Judy

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