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Instagram Takeover: BTS

Picture it: the curtains close on the final day of "Permission To Dance On Stage - LA". The four-day event is a huge success. BTS and ARMY reunite after almost two years of separation and bring with them considerable economic impact. The triumphant return to the stage of the biggest band in the world. After the lights dim and the last song is sung, HYBE announces that BTS will be taking a much-needed rest. ARMY are happy for the boys and settle into their beds, knowing that while they will miss the band immensely, BTS’s silence on the timeline will be filled with ARMY making hilarious BTS threads and catching up on content they’ve missed.


ARMY awakens to the timeline in flames, discovering that BTS members have simultaneously opened personal Instagram accounts. The news is shocking at first, as the fandom have become used to the boys sharing one social media account. Shock soon turns into excitement, knowing that this will be a new chapter in the BTS and ARMY journey.

Yet, nothing could prepare ARMY for the landslide of content that followed as the members learned to navigate the Instagram maze, turning the app into a group chat, and giving ARMY and the world a peek behind the curtains into BTS-land. However, the real cherry on top of the Instagram cake is seeing each member’s unique color and personality shine brightly.


A tumbling-puppy cyclone of contained chaos follows as each member tries to figure out their aesthetic and navigate the labyrinth known as Instagram. RM’s rkive falls on the spectrum between a cute, dorky boyfriend who cries over Pokemon bread while sharing his workout routines and a world-class, well-traveled art connoisseur posting his favorite art pieces and getting love calls from some of the world’s most prominent museums' social accounts.

Jin’s Instagram functions more as the unofficial group chat leader, turning the platform into a chatroom where the boys talk about anything from sweatpants sizes to scheduling boxing matches, making ARMY feel as though they are eavesdropping on personal conversations. Jin also shares cute photos of himself to remind the world why he is called Worldwide Handsome.

SUGA, who named his account after his alter-ego AgustD, started his foray into Instagram by giving the platform a red penalty card, declaring that “insta is too hard.” SUGA has since recovered from his Instagram ban to become a skillful master at posting pictures that leave ARMY wanting more waterfront sunsets and Holly moments.


Moving from sharing a single account to personal ones opened a doorway for each member to be playful and creative, and showcase different parts of their personalities. Such is the case with V, who has become somewhat of a quick-delete specialist, posting videos to his Insta-stories only to remove them without warning; it’s become a fandom flex to say you saw V’s post before it was deleted. This has taught ARMY to be vigilant and capture those special moments, saving them before they are gone forever. V doesn’t just delete posts. He also shares pictures that, quite frankly, could put models out of work.

Jimin started his Instagram journey by posting seven photos, then disappearing from the platform, preferring to meet ARMY on Weverse. The concerts in Seoul proved to be the medicine he needed to revive his Instagram career. He has since uploaded several pictures to show his love and appreciation, creating an Instagram account that reflects his precious and beautiful soul. ARMY patiently awaits his discovery of Instagram stories.

The maknae, Jungkook’s account perfectly reflects all his loves. There are videos of him boxing that leave ARMY unsure what to do with the rest of their lives. Cute moments with his three adorable puppies make him the hottest pup dad to ever walk the Earth. Jungkook’s account also shines a light on his diverse, eclectic, and impeccable taste in music.


The undisputed heavyweight champion of Instagram is none other than, “I’m your hope, you're my hope,” j-hope. His account is appropriately named uarmyhope (you are my hope). j-hope is the Instagram master of BTS, replying to his bandmate’s posts with lightning speed, causing ARMY to wonder if he’s made a deal with the wi-fi gods. Aesthetically pleasing, or a work of art are ways to describe j-hope’s account. He shares his outfit for the day, posts cute pictures of his dog, Mickey, and leaves ARMY feeling parched because of his beauty.

While BTS dominates every social platform they step foot in, they never fail to create a charming, personalized social presence for themselves. Instagram has given ARMY and the world a chance to see BTS in a new light, opening the door to a new era, a new chapter in the BTS journey.

Written by: Lisa

Edited by: Menriquez

Designed by: Nico

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