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How to stream correctly - A guide for MV streaming on YouTube.

* As streaming and its rules are subject to change, the information in this blog is not the most up-to-date. Please check out our more recent Ultimate ARMY Streaming Guide here.

The new BTS album titled ‘Map Of The Soul: Persona’ is scheduled for release on the 12th of April 2019. So far, we don’t know much about it. What we do know, is that this is going to be one of the best albums of 2019. It is highly anticipated not only by ARMYs, but by music critics as well. As we prepare for its release, we want to ensure that our boys break records once again. So, we have prepared a YouTube streaming guide.

As ARMYs, we love numbers and are globally known for setting and breaking records alongside BTS. We work hard to achieve as many as possible because we know how much effort BTS always put into everything. This is how we acknowledge that.

Some people might argue that numbers are not everything - and we can agree on that - but this world is run by metrics, so numbers do have high importance as they represent facts. They are even more important when a band who debuted from a small company in South Korea back in 2013 manages to top international charts and set new records. Moreover, they are now recognised as global superstars, the most famous boyband in the world, The Beatles of the 21st century. and next generation leaders - names based on factual information derived from records and achievements.

Now, let’s talk more about records - specifically YouTube records. The title of the ‘Most viewed music video in 24 hours’ is currently held by Ariana Grande with 55.4 million views. However, it was previously, briefly, held by BTS with the ‘Idol’ music video from their 2018 album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’. According to official sources, the music video had accumulated 45.9 million views within the timeframe, however, the unofficial record captured by people around the world is over 56 million views at the exact 24-hour mark. Which means that more than 10 million views have been removed. Although it may seem unfair, the reason for losing so many views is most likely incorrect streaming (amongst various other causes). With this article, we would like to address this issue and prepare for BTS’ comeback.


The one, most important aspect of streaming is to NOT act like a programmed bot - meaning that you should still keep your common ‘human’ behaviour that YouTube is accustomed to. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  1. DO NOT LOG OUT OF YOUR YOUTUBE ACCOUNT! this is the best way to verify streams as genuine. Even if you want to use incognito you should still log into your account. Remember: you need to have similar behavioural patterns as you normally do which brings us to the next point

  2. DO NOT STREAM CONTINUOUSLY/ON LOOP! because it may be counted as spam streaming and thus not only not helping with increasing views but also risking to have previous views from your account deleted.

  3. WATCH OTHER VIDEOS IN BETWEEN. This will also help with verifying your streams. Make sure you don’t have ‘Autoplay’ on so you can manually click on other videos.

  4. Alternatively, you can USE PLAYLISTS. It is an easier method especially if you do not have the time to manually click on videos (or are sleeping) as it has the same outcome. We will be posting a streaming playlist on Twitter and Facebook soon after the MV is out.

  5. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO without skipping or increasing the speed. Please note that skipping advertisements does not affect your streaming. However, watching full ads (and clicking on them) will help to increase the ad revenue.

  6. Stream on A MAXIMUM OF TWO DEVICES connected to the same wi-fi source as YouTube also track the IP addresses to verify streams. Therefore if you have a laptop and a tablet connected to the same wi-fi, you can stream without having issues. However, to take an extra precautionary measure, you should not play the video at the same time on both devices. You can prevent this by having a playlist on shuffle on one of the devices. Moreover, you should log into a different YouTube account on the second device if you can. If you want to use your phone for streaming as well, you can do so if it is your second device by following the steps above. By using your phone’s mobile data instead of connecting it to the wi-fi, you will be able to stream with it as a 3rd device because it will have a different IP address.

  7. SHARE THE LINK TO MV on all platforms throughout the day. According to the Head of Business at YouTube, the trending algorithm is influenced by the interest a video gets from searches and shares rather than the number of views. Therefore, if you want to help with the MV trending in your country, you can do so by sharing the link of the video online (anywhere you can and it is relevant - SNS, forums, blogs, media outlets, websites - through posts or comments) and do so multiple times during the first 24 hours. This will not only help to trend the MV, but it will also increase gp (general public) reach and interest and thus it will increase the view count.

  8. EXTRA: Watching the embedded MV on Facebook or websites will help to increase the views on top of streaming on YouTube!

Now that you’ve read the guideline, how about you test your knowledge with a fun quiz?

If this article helped you to learn something useful or even just refreshed your memory, how about you help fellow ARMYs improve their knowledge too? Please share this article with them and let’s break that 24h most viewed MV record again because BTS truly deserve it!

YouTube Streaming Goals - BTS COMEBACK 2019

*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no official guide on streaming from YouTube - this article was created based on research and testing. Edits will be made should the information contained in this article become outdated.

Written by: Cristina A.