At the end of Episode 4 (please read our Bon Voyage Recap part 1, ARMY), the members had put up a tent and prepared themselves for a campout. ARMYs couldn’t wait to learn more about their Bangtan (camping) style as the episode wrapped up. Not only was their experience beyond expectations, but the following ones in the next few episodes were just as enjoyable to watch. Let’s get into it.

Bon Voyageee, Bon Voyageee!” (please, feel the acoustic sound, ARMY)

Episode 5: Let’s Jump!

Freshly arrived at the campsite, the members formed teams to setup camp. Jin and SUGA took care of the fire; Taehyung inflated mattresses; Jungkook, j-hope, and Jimin put up the tent; and RM set up the chairs. They struggled a bit, but successfully arranged their camping grounds, later giving ARMYs a good laugh after they piled on top of Jungkook in a camping bed. Soon, the members gathered around the fire to enjoy SUGA’s cooking. The night went on peacefully, and the members’ only concern was looking scruffy. Jimin fell off his chair, and BTS enjoyed the taste of spicy coffee thanks to RM’s dishwashing (in)efficiency.

The next morning, they prepared to go to the spa, minds set on a nice shower. They enjoyed snacks and healing time in the hot tub, though RM burnt himself by touching the water heater. Meanwhile, observant ARMYs caught a glimpse of Jungkook’s arm tattoos before he slipped on some sleeves. Using j-hope’s words, the “human stew” concluded soon after a soaked SUGA complained he was an innocent victim of a water fight started by Jungkook and Jimin.

Next was the mighty Nevis Swing activity. Travelling through the air, the members had a blast--except for SUGA and Jimin, who energetically opted out to watch their brave friends’ from the platform instead. Jin and j-hope were first up on the swing, launching the festivities by jumping backwards. They were soon followed by RM and V, who was primarily concerned for safety. Meanwhile, Jungkook chose to swing upside down before trying the even more scary catapult, right after V who had gathered up all of his courage.

Time flew by faster than the Nevis Swing, and BTS continued their list of activities. They drove off to their next campsite and split into two teams, still filled with adrenaline. One team in the car swung by a grocery store for dinner supplies, while the other team in the campervan hit the road. While riding in the campervan, someone recognized Jimin as he was looking out the window. His flustered reaction showed ARMYs that he still hasn’t fully processed his global popularity.

Episode 6: The Brotherly Friendship

Their second night of camping emphasized BTS’ fast learning skills. From setup to cooking, everything moved rather smoothly as if they were already experienced campers. However, SUGA’s attempt to wrap up the night with vin chaud failed, considering the maknaes’ funny faces when they tasted it.

The next morning, a packed SUV with seven barely-awake members found its way to a new activity: sightseeing from the clouds. BTS flew over New Zealand’s amazing mountains and lakes in helicopters, while SUGA wondered if the snow would be edible up there. To fulfill his curiosity, the members landed in the pristine snow where they played like children, took pictures, wrote “ARMY” with their feet in the thick snow, and of course, ate the snow.

After lunch, they enjoyed some free time. Jin, SUGA, j-hope, and Jungkook opted for fishing, successfully catching salmons. RM decided to work on his music in the serenity of the campervan. Jimin and V went horseback riding, which led to the memorable moment of Jimin riding a bike to which he gave a name, pretending it was a horse the whole time.

Episode 7: Happy Days with Seven of Us

Stepping into a new lodge brought a new game for room allocation. Thus, it was time for Jin and Jungkook--who somehow managed to master a slicing technique by watching a video tutorial--to prepare the salmon they had caught earlier into sashimi for dinner. In the meantime, ARMYs enjoyed a cute interaction when V asked Jimin to massage his sore butt from horse riding.

Afterwards, they launched a crazy UNO game full of dancing and singing. It took them forever to end the game that Taehyung–who didn’t understand the rules–happily lost.

They kicked off their last morning in New Zealand with luge gliding. They rode twice, racing side by side on the fast track, having more fun as they went on.

Jungkook and j-hope volunteered to prepare jjajang ramyeon for lunch. They hadn’t anticipated the power of New Zealand’s onions, which brought a highly entertaining scene full of teary eyes and complaints. Eventually, they were all satisfied with the food, soon taking off for more playtime. RM, j-hope and Jimin cycled through town, and V visited an art gallery. Jin, SUGA, and Jungkook drove to a fishing spot, but it turned out to be too windy to set up the equipment.

Episode 8: Our Glowing Lights

Rolling into a park with their bikes, Jimin, RM and j-hope had the time of their life screaming their heads off by cruising over the grass. Meanwhile, the fishing team found another lake but unfortunately, came back empty-handed and frustrated. Taehyung met a kid while eating and proved once again to ARMYs how kind he is with children. After that, he went back home where he undertook studying the UNO game rules.

After a short but amusing hide-and-seek, Jimin and Taehyung (with j-hope’s help) decided to make dinner and started to cook to the best of their abilities. But, it was not without making up a hilarious drama scenario of their own in the process to entertain themselves in the meantime.

Following a dinner full of laughter and dance, the members enjoyed their last night in New Zealand with another hectic UNO game. However, the outcome was unexpected and may require an update in the future… ARMY, who do you think was the actual loser?

Before wrapping up the season, the members sat for their final talk and explained how meaningful this broadcast was for them. Seeing Bon Voyage come to an end is never a happy moment, but the peak of devastation came from Jungkook, who felt guilty about a “situation” he was involved in before going to New Zealand. He wondered if he should have even been allowed to enjoy and laugh during this season. But don’t be sad, ARMY! They also all mentioned how happy they were at the end of this journey before wrapping the final broadcast up with a last “Bon Voyageee” chant.

But where there is an end, there are also new beginnings…

New episodes of Run BTS! will take Bon Voyage’s spot, now airing every Tuesday. In the meantime, continue cheering on the boys as much as you can to support them living their lives to the fullest!

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