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Earth has made one orbit around the sun and we have officially stepped into the year 2022. It's this time of the year when words like happiness and prosperity are thrown all around. But whether it be a new year or a birthday, happiness is often measured by how much you've achieved. Today, we will take a short discourse on finding ways of happiness that are BTS-approved. Ready to dive in, ARMY? Let's begin!

The ideals of success filled with records and milestones are grandiose. Hence, one would think that this is what happiness must be for BTS. But their success is the outcome; a gradual result of the perpetual process of doing what makes them happy — a concept which BTS underlines every now and then during their numerous conversations.

One thing we know is that happiness is not about what we have but what we do with the individual minutes, hours, and days of our lives. This doesn't allude to utilizing every minute to be productive, unless we expand the meaning of productivity to include "producing" joy for oneself.

So, what encompasses BTS' version of happiness now? While these are all different options you can try out this year, none are supposed to be better than others.

First, we want to introduce the concept of spending your day idly. This seems too easy but it is something that has become non-intuitive in our busy lives. The concept comes with a complimentary hobby of playing video games. This option has the seal of Seokjin's approval as he mentioned in the Vogue Korea interview, "The best days are those that are most thoroughly idled away." Speaking of Seokjin and his hobbies, you can also try out fishing. He even expressed his love for fishing through a fun song called Super Tuna.

If you don't like sitting around idly, then perhaps you might want to try traveling through the city on a bicycle or visiting art museums — an option encouraged by Namjoon. He frequently shares pictures of art in museums and of nature from his bicycle rides. Namjoon also released a song called Bicycle and explained how riding one gives him a sense of freedom. When asked what makes him happy in his GQ interview, he said, "I really enjoy talking about art these days."

If this isn't for you, ARMY, you might prefer to do hobbies which require you to sweat. This can include anything from simple workouts to boxing, or even running. Jimin mentioned in his Vogue interview how running helps clear his mind, and how he enjoys his alone time. Likewise, Jungkook said in his GQ interview that he can't keep still and likes to work out, which is evident in his recent Instagram post where he uploaded a video of his boxing session.

However, not everyone enjoys art museums or active hobbies. In that case, don't worry, ARMY. We have other options for you!

Why not watch a sports game? This is also an effective way to find happiness in your free time. This method was tried and tested by Yoongi, a basketball fan who has been spotted watching NBA games during BTS' overseas trips.

You can also spend time watching sunsets, something that Taehyung has enjoyed recently. As he said in his GQ interview, "For those nineteen minutes it took for the sun to set, I couldn’t have been happier."

Perhaps you would like to try playing a new instrument. If so, then go for it! Maybe play a guitar like Jungkook and Yoongi or a trumpet like Taehyung.

Another precious option is spending time with pets! Animals also give you happiness, as Hoseok mentioned in his Vogue interview, "Sometimes, I receive less comfort from human beings than from animals like dogs — small creatures that I can’t even talk to. Small interactions like that give me lots of happiness.” This is also approved by Jungkook who frequently posts pictures of his dogs on Instagram.

Sometimes, you don't necessarily have to do a specific thing to find happiness. It can easily be found in mundane things such as having a meal; Seokjin usually posts several pictures of food on his Instagram. As Yoongi said in his Vogue interview, "I try to find happiness in simple things, such as getting up early in the morning and having decaf coffee."

If there is one thing we can learn from BTS' edition of happiness, it is that exploring the things that we truly enjoy, without the fear of being judged, can be a way to find happiness and comfort, rather than limiting our options to the standards of "productivity".

Now, we want to ask you, ARMY. Tell us what makes you happy? Are you a hobbyist or does the thought of sitting back with a hot cup of coffee sound perfect? Whatever makes you smile, make sure to stay safe and healthy. Borahae!

Written by: Ariba

Edited by: Alice

Designed by: Achan

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